The Whistler was a masked vigilante in the post-WWII mid-1940s.

Police Reporter Mallory Drake became a masked vigilante in order to avenge his murdered brother Jerry. Jerry Drake had been a jazz whistler, and Mallory was a gifted mimic, who quickly mastered Jerry's repertoire. Calling himself The Whistler, Drake waged a war of terror against the underworld, for about half a year, then was heard from no longer.


  • Sound Manipulation The Whistler once whistled so sharply that a gun, by itself, was fired by the sound.[1]


  • Intimidation The Whistler's eerie trademark whistle struck fear into the hearts of men, creating blood-chilling paralytic reactions.[2] It also worked on snakes.[3]
  • Mimicry
  • Music
  • Whistle Ventriloquism The Whistler can make his trademark whistle seem to come into a room he occupies, as if from the outside.[4]

  • Mallory Drake smoked cigarettes. His boss, Mac Shane, smoked a pipe.


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