Mama Leone was the first leader of Renegade.

She was turned into a zombie and quikcly realized that the man who blackmailed her to keep her fed, killed children. She went to the police, but the secretly zombie Lt. Suzuki didn't pursue the matter. Three days later, her husband was murdered. Identifying his body in the morgue, she met Liv Moore, and immediately recognized her as another zombie.

When Fillmore Graves turned 10,000 people into zombies, Leone wanted to be of use. Seeing as Liv ate brains to help the police, she decided to make people zombies to cure them from disease. She set up Renegade, a network of coyotes. And while other coyotes smuggled humans out, or humans in to reunite them with family, Renegade turned all of their clients into zombies. They also forged papers so the new zombies could turn to Fillmore Graves for brain tubes.

As Renegade created more mouths to feed, FG took action against Renegade. Chase Graves employed Blaine DeBeers to hunt them down. Blaine found her in her old laundromat and killed the coyotes present. Mama Leone was captured and later publicly executed. The execution divided opinion in New Seattle, leading to Liv Moore to take over the organization.


  • Zombie Physiology: Zombies are mutated after being infected with a tainted batch of Utopium. The general bodily features - pale skin and hair, a lust for brains and only one heart beat per six seconds - has led to the infected to be referred to as "Zombies".[1]


  • Hunger for Brains: If Zombies do not eat brains, they become dumb, loses her humanity, and may die.[3] At a certain point, this state becomes inreversible, at which point a Zombie is said to be "Full Romero".[6]
  • Restricted Taste: Zombies lose most of their sense of taste, only being able to detect it when it was extra spicy. As such, zombies regularly spiked their food and drink with hot sauce.[3]



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