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Quote1 You must say it with purpose. With belief. With good intentions. With thoughts of your parents and your family. Say it and you will be transformed into your greatest potential. Say Shazam! Quote2
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Mamaragan, also known as simply The Wizard or Shazam, is a powerful sorcerer and thunder deity whom is responsible for the creation of the Living Lightning. He is a member of the Quintessence and the Council of Immortals and has bestowed his power onto several champions, including Billy Batson.

Early Life

Originally a aboriginal deity of thunder of the Dreamtime, Mamaragan's songlines eventually led him to joined the Circle of Eternity, a council comprised of powerful beings responsible for the governance of magic. The Circle operated from their stronghold known as the Rock of Eternity. In his new role, he adopted the name "Wizard". One of the initial actions taken by the Circle was to administer punishment and pass judgment upon Earth's most egregious wrongdoers.[1] In one instance, they summoned the Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and the Question to the Rock of Eternity, where each individual was subjected to distinct forms of punishment.

At some point in the Council of Wizards' history, most of the council members were killed by Black Adam except for Mamaragan. Many years later, the Wizard appeared before Pandora. He is very weak and tells her that he has just given his power to a new champion of magic who will take his seat on the now destroyed council. The Wizard says that he has come to tell Pandora that he and the council were wrong for punishing her. He says that the other two members of the Trinity deserved their punishment but she was just a curious girl and he asks for her forgiveness. He then tells her that she can no longer open the box and that what had been released could not be put back. But there was still power within the box and it would take the strongest of heart or the darkest to open it. Then the vision disappears before Pandora can find out who that person might be.

Modern Times

When Doctor Sivana opens Black Adam's tomb and frees Black Adam, the Wizard begins abducting people one by one via magic and bringing them to the Rock of Eternity to assess them for the job of inheriting his powers but only to dismiss each of them for not being pure of heart. The Wizard then summons Billy Batson to the Rock of Eternity as his last candidate. But upon meeting him, he sees how rotten a child Billy is and dismisses him as well until Billy argues that perfectly good people "really don't exist" and that the Wizard may never find what he's looking for. Agreeing with Billy and aware that he is dying, the Wizard sees that Billy has the potential to be good and passes on his powers to the boy by asking him to speak the magic word "Shazam" with "good intentions" as merely saying the word has no effect. After saying the magic word, Billy is struck by a bolt of lightning which transforms him into Shazam, a super-powered being possessing super-strength and flight. The Wizard then passes away and transports Shazam back to Earth.

Darkseid War

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When Billy Batson's powers to the original gods of the magic lightning are severed by the actions of Grail the Godkiller, the spirit of the Wizard arranges for new gods to empower Billy. The Wizard reveals to Billy that he is himself one of these gods – the Wizard is just a name he acquired and that his true name is Mamaragan.[1]

Revenge of the Gods

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  • Divine Physiology: Mamaragan is a powerful thunder god of Australian Aboriginal origin, possessing immense capabilities and powers due to his heritage.[1]
    • Immortality: Mamaragan expressed he cannot truly die and that in the past, when he seemingly passed away, he instead returned to the Source.[1]
    • Superhuman Durability: Mamaragan can withstand the combined assault of the Shazam Family without suffering any injuries.[2]
    • Superhuman Speed[2]
    • Superhuman Stamina[2]
    • Superhuman Strength[2]
    • Self-Sustenance[3]
    • Cosmic Awareness
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Electrokinesis: As a god of thunder, Mamaragan is capable of projecting and controlling lightning at will; this power as a lightning god also grants him additional abilities due to the fact his lightning is magical in nature, allow him to cast spells.[1]
      • Electro-Blast: Mamaragan can project lighting bolts at will. These bolts are strong enough to burn even Shazam's skin.[2]
    • Emobodiment of the Living Lightning: Mamaragan's being is considered one with the Living Lightning and as such, is the power source of magic for various beings, including his successors Shazam and Black Adam. This status also allows him to be one capable of brokering deals with other divine entities to grant his Champions aspects of their powers from their distilled essence.[1][4]
      • Power Distribution: Mamaragan can choose champion to be blessed with the Living Lightning, allowing them to become Champions of Magic and grant them powers based upon aspects of seven gods whose names (real or otherwise) can comprise the acronym "SHAZAM".[1][4]
      • Power Absorption: Mamaragan can rescind the power of the Living Lightning to those whom were bestowed powers by any of his selected Champions; however, he cannot absorb out the power of those whom he has directly chosen to be his successors.[3]
      • Magic of Shazam: Mamaragan possess vast magical abilities, which are connected to the Rock of Eternity and his Living Lightning. As such, he is a capable spell-caster.[4] [1]


  • Occultism: Mamaragan is considered a extremely powerful wizard with profound knowledge in magic, chiefly relating to those derived of himself or the Rock of Eternity.[2]
  • Songlines: Mamaragan could sing songlines as he traveled abroad in his earlier life.[1]
  • Multilingualism: Mamaragan is able to communicate in several different languages, including ancient Kahndaqi, English, and the "language of lightning".


  • Mamaragan exists outsides the confines of space and time and exists simultaneously across different universes and timelines. His future state counterpart in particular was expressed to be the same and his demise caused changes in the present.[9]
  • Mamaragan's famous Powers of Shazam within the Living Lightning has been subject to numerous attempts to copying the power:
    • The Circle of Crows attempted to copy the Powers of Shazam with Ibac.[10]
    • Zha-Vam was also another attempt at copying the Powers of Shazam.[11]
  • Mamaragan is the only known entity other than the Gamemaster to be able to move freely between from the Gamelands to the other realms in the Magiclands thus far, implying he possess at least `1,000,000 points within the Gamelands.[12]



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