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The Man-Bat Commandos are a group within the League of Assassins who use Man-Bat Serum to turn themselves into Man-Bats. They are led by Talia al Ghul.


Talia al Ghul and the League of Assassins paid a visit to Kirk Langstrom. As part of his threat to him, Talia arranged for some League of Assassins operatives to kidnap his wife Francine and inject her with a degenerative neuro-bacillus that will cripple her in 24 hours unless he delivers them the Man-Bat Serum. He complies with them and a select number of League of Assassins operatives are turned into Man-Bat Commandos. They first appear where they attack a gala in London that was being attended by Bruce Wayne.[1] The Man-Bats attempt to kidnap the Prime Minister's wife, but Batman takes down all six of them. Many more arrive, and Alfred evacuates the building with Jezebel. Batman uses super-sonics and takes out 30 of them, but they overwhelm him and knock him out. When Batman regains consciousness in the sewers and finds the Prime Minister's wife tied to a chair, the Man-Bat Commandos hold Batman when Talia al Ghul appeared stating that she has taken control of her late father's organization and introduces him to his son.[2]

After Talia learned about the Black Glove's involvement on the disappearance of Batman, she sent the Man-Bat Commandos to eliminate every member of the organization, starting with Jezebel Jet. The Man-Bats attacked the airplane where Jet was flying to escape Gotham and most likely they destroyed it, killing everyone traveling on the plane.[3]

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