Man o' War was an Atlantean prisoner experimented upon by the villainous Atlantean sorcerer, Hagen.

Hagen and his sorceress class of Atlanteans who tyrannically ruled Atlantis by pretending to be acting under the decrees of the lobotomized Mera performed experiments where Atlantean subjects were magically infused with the abilities of simple sea creatures. Hagen had hoped to create super-soldiers using this method for his Atlantean army. The Atlantean who became Man o' War was merged with a jellyfish. He was deemed a failure and thrown into a pit with the carcasses of other failures. However, Man o' War survived and acted against Hagen.[1]


  • Jellyfish-Atlantean Physiology: Man o' War is an Atlantean magically merged with a jellyfish, an act which drastically altered his appearance and gave him powers beyond the standard Atlantean ones. [1]
    • Amphibian: Man o' War can breathe underwater without hindrance.
    • Superhuman Strength: Man o' War has exhibited a degree of superhuman strength.
    • Superhuman Speed: In his current state, Man o' War is able to swim through water even faster than the average Atlantean. [1]
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Man o' War was able to dodge a barrage of fire from trained Atlantean guardsmen. [1]
    • Animal Empathy: Man o' War can send jellyfish to investigate situations in his stead, and once they return, he can connect with them and gain information from them.[2]
    • Jellyfish Stingers: Man o' War has tendrils along his body, predominantly where his hair would be, which he can control at will. He can use these tendrils to ensnare or throw foes. [1]
      • Electrokinesis: Through these tendrils, Man o' War can deliver powerful electric shocks as a touch attack. [1]
      • Toxikinesis: Like his namesake, Man o' War has a deadly poison he can administer through his stingers as well.[3]




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