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"Man of Steel: The Prequel": Long, long ago, on Krypton, Kara Zor-El and other five pilots in training are undergoing a test to determine which of them is prepared to undertake a mission. As making their way through Krypton's wilderness, Kara decides th

Quote1 Inside each scout ship is a Growth Codex. We'll land, explore the immediate area, then activate the Codex. The stored embryos will gestate, and soon we'll have an entire Kryptonian population to help us terraform. Quote2
Kara Zor-El

Man of Steel: The Prequel is a one-shot with a cover date of July, 2013. It was published on May 18, 2013.

Synopsis for "Man of Steel: The Prequel"

Long, long ago, on Krypton, Kara Zor-El and other five pilots in training are undergoing a test to determine which of them is prepared to undertake a mission. As making their way through Krypton's wilderness, Kara decides the quickest way to finish their test is to split up. Dev-Em is unwilling to obey her orders, but he leaves with his partner. Kara's friend Thara Ak-Var is worried since only four of them will pass the test, but Kara dismisses her concerns and forges ahead.

Shortly after, Kara hears a scream. Dev's partner -and Kara's boyfriend- Kell is clinging on to the edge of a cliff. Kara is unable to save him, and Kell falls down. Dev shows up right after and claims Kell and he got separated in the forest. Kara states she can see Kell's blood on his body, and Dev unthinkingly checks himself before realizing she has tricked him into giving himself away. Dev attempts to murder Kara as well, but she takes him down.

Dev-Em is trialed and found guilty, but the Council is reluctant to carry out the death penalty, so it's agreed Dev-Em will remain in their custody as they deliberate. Meanwhile, Kara Zor-El is publicly awarded and assigned to command one scout ship. After the ceremony, Kara meets up with her parents and shows them the ships that will take her and other scouts to other worlds with a growth codex for terraforming. Her parents give her a Sunstone to remember her family.

Several days later, as the starship commanded by Kara takes off, two guards discover Dev-Em has escaped his cell.

On her ship, Kara checks her ship and crew before they get into the cryo-sleep pods. Kara gets into her hibernating pod and falls asleep. Theoretically their cryo-pods don't allow to dream, but Kara still dreams of Kell's death, but the Sun is yellow in her dream, and this time she flies him back to safety when he falls.

After ten years, Kara wakes up and finds her whole crew has been murdered by Dev-Em. Although he was given the death penalty, he was released by two councilors who didn't agree with that ruling and preferred to send him into space. As she slept he took control of the ship, murdered her crew and steered the ship towards the Solar System.

Dev attacks Kara but she fights back. Their struggle damages the ship's navigational sytems. Kara attempts to find a planet to land safely, but Dev attempts to murder her again. Kara gets rid of him by stabbing him with her parents' Sunstone. Kara's ship plummets towards the third planet, and she tries to land it safely, but the ship overheats and the control deck catches fire. Against all odds, Kara manages to land the ship.

A hatch opens, and a figure walks out of the ship.

Thousands of years later, the ship starts emitting a signal.

Far in the North, Clark Kent spots the symbol of the House of El on the sky.

Appearing in "Man of Steel: The Prequel"

Featured Characters:


  • Dev-Em (Single appearance) (Apparent Death)

Other Characters:

  • Kryptonians
    • Alura In-Ze (Single appearance)
    • Cawl (Single appearance; dies)
    • Dac (Single appearance; dies)
    • Dora (Single appearance)
    • Elsi Ho-Paa (Single appearance; dies)
    • Kex (Single appearance; dies)
    • Kal-El/Clark Kent (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Kell-Ur (Single appearance; dies)
    • Kryptonian Law Council
      • Dar-Enx (Single appearance)
      • Dug-Les (Single appearance)
      • Syra Ten-Ar (Single appearance)
    • Nam-Ek (Single appearance)
    • Thara Ak-Var (First appearance)
    • Zor-El (Single appearance)
  • Jonathan Kent (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Martha Kent (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Robinson (Single appearance)





  • The original comic was only available digitally via DC Comics' website[1] for those who brought advanced screening tickets for Man of Steel from Walmart.[2]
  • A special physical edition of the comic was released exclusively with a limited UK version of the movie on DVD.[3]

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