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Manchester Black is a British anti-hero with powerful telepathic and telekinetic powers and the leader of a team of super-powered individuals known as The Elite.

New 52

Manchester Black was a high-ranking executive at S.T.A.R. Labs. He created Algorithm, an A.I. that commits acts of terrorism across New York City in order to lure the Teen Titans to S.T.A.R. Labs, where he organizes an attack on himself to be saved by the Titans and gain their trust. Eventually, he teamed up with Titans and formed The Elite with Wonder Girl, Power Girl, Klarion, Guardian, Kid Flash, and Trinity.

DC Rebirth

Black formed the Super Elite when he helped some aliens escape the Kroogarians. He discovered Superman's secret identity and made the aliens Kathy Braden and her father Cobb infiltrate the life of the Kent Family, becoming their neighbors in Hamilton County. Eventually, he managed to capture Superboy and nullified his powers for a while, forcing him to watch images of Lois and Clark fighting the Elite and suffering.[1]

When Black confronts Superman, the two argue over what it takes to keep people safe; kill criminals. Superman disagrees and Black restores Jon's powers and corrupts him to fight alongside him. But Jon ends up returning to normal and Kathy uses her powers to create a transfer of Black's consciousness to one of the Braden family's dairy cows.[2]

At some point, Black managed to get back to normal and joined the Task Force XI; a substitute for Suicide Squad consisting of world's most powerful telepaths. Amanda Waller activated it to extract information from Brainiac after he abducted Earth's heroes, not knowing that he was trying to save the universe from the Omega Titans. The resulting strain killed the world collector as he tried to fight back.[3]

Infinite Frontier

Black was cornered by the authorities for his crimes. He almost escapes but is shot in the back by a sniper and taken into custody by Superman, who takes him to Fortress of Solitude.[4]

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  • Psychokinesis: Manchester Black is an incredibly powerful psychic with vast telepathic and telekinetic powers. With his power he is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Superman and Superboy.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Manchester Black is an extremely powerful telekinetic. He has thrown Superman several hundred meters without moving a muscle after stopping the advance of his Heat Vision dead in its tracks.[1] He also used his telekinesis to slice Frankenstein's hand off.[2]
      • Telekinetic Force Field: Manchester Black is capable of creating invisible force fields out of telekinetic energy. These force fields are able to withstand the heat vision of Superman with ease,[1] as well as the bullets of Frankenstein's Bride.[2]
    • Telepathy: Manchester Black is a powerful telepath. At some point he read the mind of Superman to learn his secret identity as Clark Kent.[1]
      • Illusion Casting: Manchester Black is able to create illusions in the minds of others. He made Superman and Superboy believe their tree was still burning even after the fire had subsided. He also conjured an illusion of Superboy's dead cat in front of him.[1]
      • Mind Control: Manchester Black is able to mentally dominate and control a person's every action. He displayed the ability to control minds when he took over the mind of Superboy, making him attack his allies. This ability appears to be harder to perform for Manchester.[1]
      • Astral Projection: Using his telepathic powers, Black is able to bring his soul outside his body. He usually only does this as a last result if he believes his physical body is in danger of being destroyed.[2]
        • Possession: After taking up his astral form, Black is able to possess another creature's body. He is able to completely control the actions of this creature, and there is no time limit to how long he can stay put in one body. He once took over the body of a cow as a last resort.[2]


Other Characteristics

  • He is openly bisexual, at one point joking that he is "48 percent gay on [his] mother's side."[5]



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