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Manfred Mota was an aging villain of several incarnations of the Flash.

Manfred Mota was a nuclear physicist who served in the United States Army during the 1940's and was the father of Valerie Perez. Mota possessed a psychotic obsession with causing explosions which led to his discharge from the military. Unhinged, Mota built a battle suit powered by atomic energy using materials he had stolen from Jay Garrick's lab. He adopted the identity of Atom Smasher and began committing crimes in Keystone City, but was apprehended by Garrick. He swore revenge and devoted his time in jail toward designing new weaponry.

Decades later, he reappeared, now named Professor Fallout, and learned about the second Flash, Barry Allen. Assuming this Flash was the same one who put him into prison, Mota traveled to Central City and held the city ransom with a neutron bomb. Eventually, Mota battled and was apprehended by Barry Allen. After another lengthy prison term he designed a new battlesuit powered by parts stolen from a nuclear power plant and named himself Fusionn. He again came after the Flash, not realizing that the hero currently going by the name was actually Wally West. This encounter with the third Flash left Mota without a physical form.

He eventually kidnapped his daughter Valerie in hopes of creating a new body for himself using her genetic material and advanced technology from the future, provided by Inertia. Inertia betrayed him however, and attempted to destroy him in an explosion. Mota survived the blast and went to Val to apologize, claiming that he had decided to focus his energy on revenge against speedsters. The newest Flash (and Val's boyfriend), Bart Allen, arrived and captured him. He was sent to Iron Heights.[1]

Centuries later, Mota survived as a being made of living plutonium in 2645 and battled the Flash of that era, John Fox. Fox used a Cosmic Treadmill to transport Mota to the year 50 billion A.D., at which point Mota's body decayed into lead.[2]


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