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 Manhawks are an alien race that resemble humanoid hawks.


They are known as marauders stealing what they can from alien worlds.


The Thanagarians created the Wingmen, each given a pair of Nth Metal wings to combat the Manhawks. Paran Katar, was testing out new wings that he had designed so that they may study the various bird species on planet Thanagar. Back then, the Manhawk's masks only were capable of giving off blinding flashes of light. Katar Hol would go out and capture one of the masks and take it back to his father to be examined so that they may learn a suitable defense. Creating a helmet shaped like a hawks head, Katar and other Thanagarians would defeat and imprison the Manhawks who invaded Thanagar. This event would lead to the formation of the Thanagar police force as it is today.[1]


The beings made their way to Earth. Hawkman and Hawkgirl tried a new offensive against the Manhawks, however, they find that the weapons that were developed to stop them on Thanagar have no effect on these ones on Earth. Further, the Manhawks manage to escape when they use their powers to make Hawkgirl's wings disappear. Coming up with a solution to stop the Manhawks, Hawkman and Hawkgirl track them to a hidden base in northern Canada. Using make-shift Thermite Bombs and dumping coal dust into rainclouds is enough to not only force the Manhawks out of hiding, but obscure the blasters built into the eye slits of their masks. Hawkman and Hawkgirl then easily defeat them and turn them over to Commissioner Emmett.[1]

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