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""Flash Point Part 2"": Manhunter recalls the latest events (as told in Invasion! #2 and Flash #22) while faking unconsciousness (his mask includes a gas filter). Flash begins to waken by Manhunter knocks him out again fearing his "kill the messenger

Manhunter #9 is an issue of the series Manhunter (Volume 1) with a cover date of January, 1989.

Synopsis for "Flash Point Part 2"

Manhunter recalls the latest events (as told in Invasion! #2 and Flash #22) while faking unconsciousness (his mask includes a gas filter). Flash begins to waken by Manhunter knocks him out again fearing his "kill the messenger" attitude.

The Durlans who have captured Castro and Mary West allow them to rest. Castro asks their demands and the Durlans explain they need air transportation to Australia where they can link up with the rest of the Alien Alliance forces. Mary reveals the forces had already surrendered and the Durlans start squabbling until they decide they must infiltrate humanity for a while longer. Mary threatens to tell everyone and the Durlans decide they must kill her and Castro. Mary continually threatens them with her son, the Flash's, involvement and Saseetha adopts Mary's appearance hoping to get close enough to the Flash to kill him. Manhunter, listening to all this, becomes infuriated with Mary West's escalation of the situation. The Durlans prepare to kill Castro and Mary but Manhunter attacks taking the Durlans down, but not out. He grabs Mary and Castro and races away. The Durlans follow in giant hawk form and surround them in the shape of Cuban soldiers, though Saseetha takes Mary's form again. As they're about to shoot, Flash arrives and confiscates their guns. He demands to know who is who. Saseetha tries to take advantage but Mary has none of it. One of the Durlans shape-shifts into the form of Rudy West. Flash gets upset at Manhunter for lying to him and Manhunter, sensing Flash won't listen to reason, grabs his power baton but Flash plucks it away and begins beating him with it. Manhunter temporarily dazzles Flash with his hand discs and latches on to him long enough for Flash's momentum to fling him through the air and over the jungle. Manhunter takes on the Durlan "soldiers" while Castro and Mary tackle their counterparts. Flash resumes his attack but Manhunter, instead, sits on the ground refusing to fight. While Flash provokes him, Manhunter calmly insists that Rudy West is dead and Mary West is fighting for her life. Flash takes the fight out of both Castros and Marys and admits he saw his "dad" return to Durlan form later. Manhunter uses his infra-red lenses, which he previously noted could recognize Durlans, and takes down the two Durlans. Castro then attempts to arrest Manhunter for his earlier capture, a crime that carries the death penalty, but Mary stares him down and he tells the Americans to go home. Mary mentions her rescue of him was "tendered in lieu of fee." They make it to Guantanamo and Flash asks Manhunters help in searching for Chunk when the "Gene Bomb" explodes.

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This issue is an Invasion! Aftermath tie-in extra, taking place in between Invasion! #2 and Invasion! #3. After the conclusion of the war in the second issue, these deal with the rest of the story right before the conclusion in the final issue where the Dominators unleash the Gene Bomb.

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The events from this issue or series are related to Invasion!, during which an Alien Alliance led by the hostile super-scientist Dominators invades the Earth in an attempt to exterminate humanity. They wish to eliminate the metagene, for fear that the unpredictable nature of earthlings could destroy them in the future.
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