"Who's Your Daddy, Part 2: Fear and Loathing": Kate accepts Bones' offer to be the DEO's personal litigator for metahumans and Bones couldn't be more overjoyed. Bones breaks open a bottle of scotch while making the joke that the girls should call him "Charlie" since he has Kate, Cameron and his

Manhunter (Volume 3) #17 is an issue of the series Manhunter (Volume 3) with a cover date of February, 2006. It was published on December 21, 2005.

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Synopsis for "Who's Your Daddy, Part 2: Fear and Loathing"

Kate accepts Bones' offer to be the DEO's personal litigator for metahumans and Bones couldn't be more overjoyed. Bones breaks open a bottle of scotch while making the joke that the girls should call him "Charlie" since he has Kate, Cameron and his massage therapist in his employ. Cameron walks Kate to the elevator and Kate asks Cameron what she is going to say to Peter about the passionate night they shared after the OMAC incident. Kate goes to Peter's home to talk about the night they got caught up in the moment and made love. Kate is unsure if she and Peter can work things out not just for themselves but for Ramsey as well. Kate then notices that the front door to Peter's home is open and the lights are on. Kate heads inside and finds blood on the floor.

Peter put up a struggle before Walter knocked him out. Kate panics wondering who could have abducted Peter and Ramsey. Kate calls the DEO to go over the crime scene and Cameron asks Kate if its possible that anyone she put away or metahumans who might know that she is Manhunter, could have done this. Kate can't think of anyone but then she remembers the phone call she received from the studio a while back. Some whack job claiming to be her father. Kate then goes through her voicemail and finds a message from Peter. Peter's voice was frantic but he says in the voicemail that a man claiming to be Kate's father has been in contact with him and Ramsey. The same man abducted Ramsey from school. Kate confesses to Cameron that she was adopted after her mother was and her father was sent to prison.

Kate goes to a storage facility where she has kept all of her adoptive parents' belongings in the hopes of finding clues as to where Walter may have taken Ramsey and Peter. She finds a scrapbook with photos and an envelope addressed to her. In the envelope, she finds newspaper clipping that talks about the night her father murdered her mother. Another document is Kate's birth certificate. Kate then gets a call from Cameron. Cameron managed to track Peter's SUV through lowjack GPS. The car was abandoned in Northern California but the more troubling new is Kate's bloodline. On Kate's birth certificate, it reads Kate Pratt and Cameron confirms that Kate is the granddaughter of Alan Pratt the Atom of the JSA.

Dylan wakes up Shoemaker by throwing Diet Cola in his face. Dylan asks why Shoemaker is following Kate. Shoemaker tries to play dumb but Dylan dumps all of Shoemaker's finding on Kate in his lap. Shoemaker confesses that he is under the impression that ADA Spencer is sleeping with Dylan, a known felon in the witness protection program. Dylan immediately laughs off Shoemaker's ridiculous theory. Shoemaker is angered by Dylan's laughing and says that he has noticed Dylan working in his shack where he builds strange things. Shoemaker also knows about the ionized dust particles he found in Kate's apartment.

Suddenly, Shoemaker comes to the conclusion that Dylan has been supplying and arming the Manhunter who is in fact Kate Spencer. Dylan's laughter immediately stops and he grabs Shoemaker by the collar. Shoemaker panics thinking that Dylan is going to kill him in order to protect Kate's secret. Shoemaker and Dylan get into a scuffle. Dylan accidentally drops his teleporter and it activates behind him. Shoemaker lunges at Dylan with a frying pan and Dylan throws Shoemaker into the portal. The portal closes and Dylan tries to figure out where Shoemaker was transported to but he gets an urgent call from Cameron.

Ramsey wakes up to find his dad unconscious and Walter driving his dad's SUV. Ramsey starts to cry and Walter slaps him across the head to knock him out. In doing this, Walter causes the car to swerve and attracts the attention of a highway patrolman. Walter pulls over and the patrolman inquires why Walter was swerving on the road. Walter shows the patrolman Ramsey in the back and tells him that his grandson had a nightmare so he was taken by surprise. The patrolman doesn't notice Peter's body covered in a blanket on the bottom of the back seats and lets Walter off with a warning. Walter eventually arrives at a rest stop where he has a smoke. Another vehicle pulls up and its Phobia riding along with Dr. Moon. Walter tells Dr. Moon to conduct his tests on Ramsey to see if he is compatible donor and Phobia can do what ever she wants with Peter.


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