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"Psychobabble, Part Two: Mind Over Morals": Doctor Psycho recites the events that transpired during the Battle of Metropolis. Dr. Psycho tells the Hangmen to focus on the task at hand and refrain from looting nearby businesses. The Hangmen ignore him and start looting. Dr. Psycho is angered by t

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Manhunter (Volume 3) #21 is an issue of the series Manhunter (Volume 3) with a cover date of June, 2006. It was published on April 19, 2006.

Synopsis for "Psychobabble, Part Two: Mind Over Morals"

Doctor Psycho recites the events that transpired during the Battle of Metropolis. Dr. Psycho tells the Hangmen to focus on the task at hand and refrain from looting nearby businesses. The Hangmen ignore him and start looting. Dr. Psycho is angered by the Hangmen's disrespect so he takes control of a mob of people and forces them to ambush the Hangmen. The mob tears the Hangmen apart piece by piece. Ms. Cotturo was one of the people who were a part of Psycho's mob. Ms. Cotturo confirmed what happened to her when she was under Dr. Psycho's control. She felt guilty and violated by Dr. Psycho's manipulation. The state prosecutor allows Kate to cross examine Ms. Cotturo.

Kate points out that Ms. Cotturo has had a prior history of being manipulated and suffering from mental illness. It turns out Ms. Cotturo once belonged to a cult back in the 70's when she was sixteen. The cult was considered a commune for the "Children of Astral Love" Her parents managed to get her back and had her placed in a mental institution where it took months to deprogram her. Ms. Cotturo tries to explain the incident as a phase of teenage rebellion then Kate brings up the restraining order that Ms. Cotturo's ex-husband has. Ms. Cotturo violated the order five times. Ms. Cotturo lashes out at Kate in anger because her ex-husband left her for a younger woman. Ms. Cotturo's outburst in court ruins her credibility. The judge adjourns the court until tomorrow. Kate can't help but feel dirty and sorry for attacking Ms. Cotturo.

The state prosecutor calls in Pieter Cross aka Doctor Mid-Nite as a rebuttal witness. Dr. Mid-Nite ran brain scans all those who were under Dr. Psycho's enthrallment. He found irrefutable residual evidence of outside synaptic influence or in other words, telepathic possession. Dr. Mid-Nite provided normal and possessed brain scans to demonstrate the difference. Kate cross examines Dr. Mid-Nite and asks him can he truly determine that Dr. Psycho was the telepathic individual who possessed the mob to kill the Hangmen. Kate points out that Gorilla Grodd, Psimon and Hector Hammond were or could have been present when Metropolis was in chaos. Even the Joker has a gas weapon that can induce psychosis. Kate asks Dr. Mid-Nite that if there is no definite way of determining which telepath was responsible for the mob killing of the Hangmen then can he conclusively believe that Dr. Psycho was responsible. Dr. Mid-Nite reluctantly answers "No" because there is no way of determining which telepath's electrical signature was responsible.

Dr. Psycho was pleased with Kate's unrelenting determination to weaken the state's case against him. Kate shrugs off Psycho's compliments and his depraved advances toward her. Kate follows Dr. Mid-Nite to the roof the courthouse after court is adjourned. Dr. Mid-Nite tells Kate that he can't talk to her since they represent opposite sides of the case. Kate asks for his help as a patient not as an attorney. Kate asks Dr. Mid-Nite if he can tell her anything about Al Pratt and his relation to Walter Pratt. As far as Pieter knew, Al Pratt had only one son with his wife Mary and he isn't a criminal. Kate fears that Walt's Myeloma might be hereditary for her or Ramsey. Pieter offers to take a blood sample of hers and cross reference it with Al's DNA sample which is locked away in the JSA databank. At first, Pieter has a tough time getting needle through Kate's epidermis but he is successful in extracting a blood sample.

In East LA, the Sweeney Todd killer stalks a woman who has just left the USC campus and is heading toward her car. The killer calls the woman a whore and she reacts by grabbing the gun from her purse then she turns to face him. The killer ignites his straight razor with a fiery energy glow and slits the woman's throat. The killer then gets the scent of another potential victim as a car zooms passed him. The killer follows the scent to the Vista Motel just south of Pico in Los Angeles. A man named Tony and his affair had just finished having sex when the killer crashes through the window of their motel room. The killer impales Tony by using his bare fist and slits the woman's throat.

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  • This issue, by way of flashbacks, is a Battle of Metropolis tie-in.
  • The Hangmen, although confirmed in this issue to have been murdered by Doctor Psycho, will later be revealed to be alive during the events of Final Crisis: Revelations, explaining to Libra that Psycho was paid to help them fake their own deaths. They are, however, shortly thereafter killed by an enraged Spectre.[1]

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