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"Psychobabble, Part Four: Phantom Pain": Ramsey defends two meek children from a bully but his metahuman abilities gets the better of him. Ramsey lands an upper cut which cause the bully to fly across the school yard. Peter and Julie pick up Ramsey from school after he was sent to the principal'

Manhunter (Volume 3) #23 is an issue of the series Manhunter (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 2006. It was published on June 21, 2006.

Synopsis for "Psychobabble, Part Four: Phantom Pain"

Ramsey defends two meek children from a bully but his metahuman abilities gets the better of him. Ramsey lands an upper cut which cause the bully to fly across the school yard. Peter and Julie pick up Ramsey from school after he was sent to the principal's office. Peter scolds Ramsey about using violence towards others even though he didn't start the fight. All of a sudden, Julie starts to go into labor.

As for Agent Chase, Cameron drives to a Sweeney Todd crime scene in Griffith Park and noticed a separate cut made on the back of the victim's skull. Cameron starts walking to her car when she gets a call from her sister. Cameron's call is interrupted when she hears someone sneaking up behind her. Cameron pulls her gun out but Sweeney Todd cuts the gun in half with his straight razor. Cameron acts fast by dodging Sweeney Todd's deadly swing and kicks Sweeney's kneecaps. Cameron makes a run for her car but Sweeney throws his straight razor into Cameron's shoulder which causes her to drop the car keys and loses them. Cameron falls to the ground and reels from the pain. Sweeney pulls the blade out of Cameron's shoulder and is about deliver his deadly blow but Cameron dishes out her metahuman ability of disorientation. Sweeney becomes dazed and fatigued while Cameron makes her escape through the park.

After yelling at Dylan for his foolish intervention, Kate makes a call to Director Bones to have the DEO pick up Shoemaker and the Kilg%re hydra for diagnosis. Dylan interrupts Kate's call and tells her that Cameron is being chased by a killer with a razor blade. Kate takes her car and heads to Griffith Park. Kate uses her cell phone to track Cameron by GPS. She hears Sweeney Todd crying out to someone named Sarah. Kate drives her car right into Sweeney Todd and Sweeney goes flying through the air. Kate rescues Cameron and drives off.

The next day, Kate walks Cameron out of the emergency and makes a call to the maternity ward. Kate congratulates Peter on his newborn baby girl. Julie has decided to name the baby Violet Elizabeth Robinson. Kate offers to take Ramsey so that Peter and Julie can be alone with the baby but Peter declines. Kate then gets an incoming call from Doctor Mid-Nite. He ran his test and came up with two genetic matches for Kate. Kate's actual grandmother wants to meet her in Santa Barbara. Doctor Mid-Nite also notified Iron Munroe about Walter Pratt and Kate Spencer. Munroe goes to the DEO and busts in on Director Bones during his massage therapy. Munroe wants to why a senior agent of the DEO wasn't notified that his granddaughter was working for them.

Kate goes to Santa Barbara and meets with Sandra Knight aka Phantom Lady. Sandra explains that both her and Iron Munroe had one son before they had Walter but Baron Blitzkrieg had kidnapped their son. Neither Sandra or Munroe were able to get anything out of Blitzkrieg in regards to their son's location. When Sandra became pregnant again with Walt this time, Munroe couldn't handle the idea of being a father again or losing his child to an enemy. Munroe walked out on Sandra and Al Pratt tried to help Sandra cope with her break up. Sandra decided to take an 8 month sabbatical from the All-Star Squadron and Al helped her through the pregnancy.

Al takes Sandra to home for unwed mothers so she could deliver the baby in secret. The nurse takes Al's information and assumes that Al is the father of the baby. Sandra chooses to give up Walter for adoption and the nurse writes on Walter's birth certificate Walter Pratt. Walter spent most of his years in the system until he was 18 and left the orphanage. Sandra cries into Kate's arms and apologizes for everything that happened to her, her ex-husband and her son. Sandra wishes she could have taken back her decision so Walter could have been raised right and things would have turned out different. Kate tells Sandra that there is nothing to forgive and she would love to introduce her to Ramsey. Kate also asks if she has any other family members that she should be aware or afraid of. Sandra laughs and exclaims that Kate's third cousin is Jack Knight aka Starman. Jack has moved from Opal City to San Francisco with his family. Kate feels this overwhelming bond with her grandmother and hopes for the better times.

Meanwhile, Doctor Psycho gets a surprise visit from Talia al Ghul. Talia meets with Psycho on behalf of the Secret Society. Talia informs Psycho that one of her financial holdings manufactures the psi-inhibitors that Psycho is currently wearing. Psycho is overjoyed and asks Talia to remove the inhibitors. Talia refuses Psycho's request and tells him that he will accept the court's verdict when it is read. If he is acquitted, Psycho is allowed to return to the Society but if convicted then the Society will wipe their hands of him. Psycho threatens Talia that if he is convicted then he will divulge every dirty secret within the Society to the Feds. Talia says the Society has ears and eyes everywhere. If Psycho attempts to cooperate with the federal government then he will be taken out immediately.

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