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Manitou Dawn is an ancient member of the Homo Magi race granting her great magical powers. She was born in ancient Atlantis but now resides in New Mexico as a superhero for the Apache Nation.

Manitou Dawn was born in the Obsidian Age of Atlantis before the city sunk into the ocean. She would migrate to America and played a role in the birth of the Apache people and eventually become known as a mystic superhero based in New Mexico. At somepoint of her long life she would be branded with a Witchmark of Hecate which allowed the dark goddess to possess her and wield significant magical power, although Manitou Dawn was oblivious to the mark. The Witchmark would finally be activated by Hecate during the attack of the Otherkind and Manitou Dawn would become possessed by the goddess who used her body to attack Nanda Parbat. She would be interrupted by the second Justice League Dark but their attempts to stop Hecate's attack would fail when Wonder Woman was possessed by Hecate and joined the attack on Nanda Parbat. This freed up Manitou Dawn to attack the rest of the Justice League Dark at the Oblivion Bar but she would quickly regain control of her body after the League preformed a partial successful exorcism Wonder Woman.

Newly freed, Manitou Dawn would join forces with the Justice League Dark and other victims of Hecate when they were summoned by Circe to battle the Hecate controlled Wonder Woman but Diana manged to regain control of herself and defeat the goddess before the group was forced to kill her. Afterwards Manitou Dawn would join the magical refugees in the Oblivion Bar and stuck with them as they fled from the Otherkind and Lords of Order until the later were defeated by the Justice League Dark.