The Mankind Liberation Front was founded by Lex Luthor to combat super powered superheroes.


The organization consists primarily of a group of villains consisting Batman foes Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Edward Nigma (The Riddler); Vandal Savage; Lord Naga; King, leader of the Royal Flush Gang, as well as third generation villains like Ra's al Ghul's successor, Ibn al Xu'ffasch (who is Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul's son, although their relationship is understandably strained.). The MLF came into existence during Superman's ten-year absence and conducting events behind the scenes in an attempt to destroy metahumans and ruling the world.

The MLF allied with Batman's cadre of superheroes as a united front against the Justice League over their concept of capturing violent metahumans and converting them to renounce their violent ways, and to better protect mankind during the impending metahuman war. After this alliance, Luthor then planned to exacerbate the conflict between the League and the captives by unleashing a brainwashed Captain Marvel to release the captives. However, Batman and his forces turned against the MLF once they discovered Luthor's intentions - as it was part of the heroes' plans from the beginning - but they were unable to prevent Captain Marvel from carrying out Luthor's order. By the end of the crisis, the MLF members are apprehended and sentenced into tending the victims of the battle by Batman.


  • According to Lord Naga the MLF controlled 8% of the superhero population before aligning with the Silent Cavalry, though which of them were controlled is unknown.

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