Manny Esperanza is an Inspector in Gotham City Police Department's Internal Affairs Division and is thus not one of the Department's most popular members.

He is dedicated to his job and to the principal that no matter the circumstances, no police officer is above the law. Ever. He famously once rooted out so much corruption in the vice squad that half of its personnel were taken down. More recently, he has had a number of run-ins with the detectives in the Major Crimes Unit. His investigations into the death of Jordan Reynolds led to Lt. Bullock resigning from the GCPD. He also investigated the possibilty that Detective Montoya had killed two men to keep her sexual orientation secret and was deeply regretful when he had to arrest her, and equally thankful when it was proved that Two-Face had set her up. Still later, he helped clear Detective Allen of false charges, acting against corrupt SOCO Jim Corrigan. He has a relationship of mutual respect with Montoya, but it would be wrong to describe it as a true friendship.

  • Born June 9th, 1959.[1]



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