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Mar'i Grayson (Nightstar) is the daughter of former Teen Titans Richard Grayson and Koriand'r.


Mar’i was initially raised by both of her parents on Earth with the help of her adoptive grandfather Bruce Wayne and other Titans. When Mar’i was young, she became terrified at the possibility of her parents (and particularly her father) dying.

At some point in Mar'i's childhood, Dick and Kory split up and Kory returned to Tamaran to rule alongside her brother Ryand'r. While Mar’i visited her mother on the Tamaranian Outpost outside of the Vega System every summer, she was primarily raised by her father on Earth. As a result, she was fairly close to her father, considering him her “hero” since childhood. She also shares a close relationship with her grandfather, calling him “Grandpa Bruce.” [1] At some point before the events of Kingdom Come, her mother died.

As Mar’i grew older, she realized that the world she lived in was not the one her parents knew and defended and became the vigilante Nightstar in response. Her differing ethical philosophy on crimefighting combined with Dick's grief over Kory's death put her in conflict with her father, straining their relationship.[2]

Kingdom Come

When Superman came out of retirement after the destruction of Kansas, she joined Batman's "Outsiders" team - against the wishes of her father, who joined Superman's Justice League. During this time, she met Ibn al Xu'ffasch, to whom she was attracted.

When her father was attacked by the cyborg 666, she flew him to safety. As a result, they survived the UN's nuclear strike. After these events, Nightstar worked to help build a metahuman community on the New Oa satellite after the UN gave the metahumans nation status.

Thy Kingdom Come

Twenty years after the events of Kingdom Come, she attended Bruce Wayne's funeral in the company of her father, Ibn, and two children: a small boy and teenage girl.[3]



  • Cyborg gifted Mar'i the Treehouse, a pocket dimension described as a “little pocket of Tamaranian atmosphere inside an itty-bitty trans-warp singularity,” as a birthday present when she was a child. As an adult, the Treehouse became a regular meeting place for Mar'i and Ibn.



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