Mar'i Grayson, Nightstar, is the daughter of Teen Titans Robin and Starfire in the not too distant future.


Her mother died from a circulatory illness when she was young. This happened despite Bruce Wayne's best efforts to help Starfire. Her relationship with her father was somewhat strained due to them being on opposite sides of the conflict. By contrast, she shared a close relationship with Bruce Wayne whom she called Gramps. However, as she grew older, she realized that the world was not the one her parents knew. As such, she devolved into a vigilante, striking out at other metahumans for little or no reason.

Kingdom Come

When Superman came out of retirement after the destruction of Kansas, she joined Batman's "Outsiders" team - against the wishes of her father, who had joined Superman's Justice League. In the Outsiders, she first met Ibn al Xu'ffasch, to whom she was attracted. When her father was attacked by the cyborg 666, she flew him to safety. As a result, they survived the UN's nuclear strike. After these events, Nightstar worked to help build a metahuman community on the New Oa satellite after the UN gave the metahumans nation status.

Twenty years in the future, she will attend Batman's funeral in the company of Ibn al Xu'ffasch, a small boy, and teenage daughter.





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