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Quote1 There is a malevolent force at work, one driven by a singular goal. The destruction of all there is. I have planned, there are those who say I have schemed, but the time for preparation has passed. The Crisis is now upon us all. Quote2
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The Monitor was a powerful being who exists to observe and record the positive matter Multiverse.


10 thousand years ago, Mar Novu was an esteemed Maltusian scientist alongside his wife Xneen. Together, they began working to peer into the dawn of time and witness the beginnings of the Multiverse, with Xneen being 'The Monitor'. Novu willingly became the recipient of her experiments and eventually succeeded in visiting the dawn of time itself, initially seeing only the Temporal Zone. However, antimatter began infecting the zone, with Novu being whisked away into the Antimatter Universe where he met his antimatter counterpart Mobius. Somehow, Novu was able to escape and obtained cosmic powers due to this event. Realising the immense danger Mobius posed, Novu began scouring the Multiverse to sow the seeds for the Age of Heroes, hoping to one day test the best of the best to see if they were ready to save existence itself from his opposite. He took the pseudonym 'The Monitor' from his late wife, who had died some point after his return.

Beginning the Age of Heroes

Some time later, Novu arrived at Earth-1 and met Al-Fatih, bestowing knowledge that inadvertently led to him becoming the first 'Ra's al Ghul' and the formation of the League of Assassins. Centuries later, Novu made himself known to Lyla Michaels after her team was killed in Afghanistan, beginning their secret partnership.

Testing Earth-90

Novu is first seen during the aftermath of Earth-90's destruction, having given the Book of Destiny to them which resulted in its demise. The Flash of that Earth then escapes.

Elseworlds & Testing Earth-1

Eventually, Novu moved on to Earth-1 and gifted the same Book of Destiny to Arkham Asylum psychiatrist John Deegan, allowing him to warp reality to his whim. This caused Barry Allen and Oliver Queen to swap identities, inviting confusion from Team Flash. Earth-90's Flash eventually arrived, warning them of 'The Monitor'. Alongside Earth-38's Supergirl, they confront Novu and learn of his intentions to ready the heroes of a being far more powerful than himself. Earth-90's Flash then attempts to attack Novu, resulting in his disappearance. Returning to A.R.G.U.S, Cisco Ramon uses his powers to envision Mar Novu conversing with Deegan only to be somehow spotted by Novu, cutting off the connection. Learning that the cause of the reality warping stems from Arkham Asylum, Gotham City, the heroes, with the help of Batwoman, confront Deegan to no avail, resulting in a breakout that is shortly resolved. Supergirl then finds the Book of Destiny hidden under the building and takes it back to the others. However, the Book is then transported back to Novu, who returns to Deegan and ushers him to 'think bigger', leading to him warping reality once again to turn Barry and Oliver into the Trigger Twins and himself into Superman, with Killer Frost, John Diggle and Alex Danvers acting as his compatriots alongside the transition of Malcolm Merlyn, Ricardo Diaz and Joe Wilson as police officers confronting the 'Trigger Twins'. Barry and Oliver then escape Deegan and end up being summoned by Novu within his realm, who admits that his interest as piqued due to their resolve and commends their universe and its inhabitants before returning them to whence they came. Once Kara, who was stuck in S.T.A.R Labs' pipeline, breaks out and finds the Book of Destiny in the time vault, she attempts to return reality back to normal only to fail. After passing on the book to her cousin, Superman, he begins successfully returning reality to normal. Oliver Queen then once again confronts Novu and proposes a deal in exchange for Barry and Kara's lives, who were destined to die saving the planet. Returning to Earth with a arrow powered with cosmic energy, Oliver defeated Deegan, who had relinquished the book and was in the process of once again warping reality. Barry and Kara, who attempted to move fast enough to turn back time to stop Deegan, end up surviving.


Following this event, Mar Novu witnesses the Legends unveil 'Heyworld' to the public. Additionally, Novu travelled to Earth-38 and met the now-deceased Lex Luthor, waving cosmic energy over him as well as transporting J'onn J'onzz's brother, Malefic J'onzz, to Earth. Months later, Mar Novu returned to Earth-1 to fulfil Oliver Queen's deal, which is revealed to be his adherence to aiding Mar Novu in saving the Multiverse. Forced to leave his wife, Felicity Smoak, and their baby daughter Mia, Oliver joins Novu. The time vault within Central City then brings up the Crisis, meant to occur in 2024, and reveals its revised date of December 2019, due to Team Flash's defeat of Cicada and the inadvertent release of Eobard Thawne in 2049. Due to this revision, Mar Novu returns to warn Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen of this sudden change, resulting in the destruction of the plinth within the time vault containing their future daughter's message. Novu then sends Oliver Queen on a mission to Earth-2 to retrieve Queen-Merlyn Enterprises' dwarf star particles and later confronts him due to his deterrence of the mission given to him. Due to Oliver's deviation and wish to defeat his best friend's doppelganger, who operated as Dark Archer on this earth, Earth-2 was subsequently destroyed by a wave of antimatter previously predicted by Jay Garrick. Oliver Queen, John Diggle and Laurel Lance, the former who is now the lone survivor of Earth-2, then return to Earth-1 and arrive at Hong Kong to find Dr. Robert Wong on yet another mission by Novu. After locating him following some complications, Lyla Michaels reunites with Novu to inform him of their success without telling the trio. Oliver continuously becomes suspicious of Novu and searches for answers in Nanda Parbat, meeting his half-sister Thea Queen and aiding her in defeating the Thanatos Guild. After finding a book containing knowledge of Novu's first visit to Earth-1, Oliver becomes convinced that Novu has dark plans and could be the one perpetuating the Crisis and waves of antimatter currently sweeping the Multiverse. After their success in Hong Kong and Oliver's leave of Nanda Parbat, Team Arrow are reunited and find themselves face-to-face with Future Team Arrow, led by Oliver Queen's adult children. Oliver believes this to potentially be the work of Novu and aids them in hunting down the Deathstroke Gang, who were also unwittingly caught up in the flash that transported them. Concurrently, a Harrison Wells on another Earth, known as 'Nash', arrives on Earth-1, hunting down eternium. For unknown reasons, he searches for Novu and finds his hideout which is then buried under rubble when Captain Joe West confronts him.

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