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Mar Novu, also known as the Over-Monitor or simply the Monitor, was a being created by the Hand Perpetua, the creator of the Multiverse, to monitor and nurture the universes of the Multiverse, and to halt any crisis that might destroy them.

He was created alongside his two brothers Alpheus and Mobius. The former created universes and the latter prevented the multiverse from being exposed to the greater omniverse.

Early Existence

Mar Novu was created by a Hand named Perpetua in the Sixth Dimension alongside his brothers Mobius and Alpheus. Perpetua had been sent from the greater Omniverse to build a new Multiverse, and the three brothers were its first inhabitants. Perpetua explained to the three children that her Multiverse comprised of three main realms made out of the three basic forms of matter- dark matter, rich with potential; positive matter, firm and constant; and anti-matter, all-destroying and corrosive. The three had been created to monitor these realms. Alpheus was tasked with monitoring the dark matter realm beneath creation where he would be a mighty World Forger, building the myriad worlds and universes of creation. Mar Novu was tasked with monitoring the positive matter realm, where he would guard the many universes that rose out of the dark from cosmic crises. The last brother, Mobius, was made Novu's opposite, tasked with making sure the light of creation did not breach the greater Omniverse. Curious, Novu asked his mother what her purpose in this new Multiverse was, as her role as creator had already been fulfilled. She told her son that she would remain to make sure that all of her children lived and the Multiverse would keep going.[1]

Five billion years later the Monitor was perplexed by a mysterious planet in the prime universe that had not been created by any of the three brothers or the denizens of the Sphere of the Gods, this planet was called Earth.[1]

At some point, Perpetua called upon Mar Novu to show him her greatest creation- the Apex Predators, perfect killing machines that would live and fight until the end of time. Upon seeing what his mother had created, Mar Novu confessed to her that he had spied the neighboring Multiverses and that during his investigation, he had discovered a cosmic judgment coming for them because of her actions and that she was well aware of that and wished to fight back. Perpetua then tried to share her point of view in vain, leading her to order her Apexes to attack Novu, forcing him to flee the areas. Two hundred thousand years later, Mar Novu gathered his brothers to oppose their mother. They met up in the Promethean Galaxy, where they attempted to contact the others Hands like Perpetua in order to alert them of her crimes. Perpetua's forces attacked the brothers, but an envoy of the Source, in the form of a Raptor, imprisoned Pepetua inside a wall made of her own legions. Due to the wall making his domain obsolete, Mobius vowed to kill his brother Mar Novu, even if it took a billion years. The three brothers then reformed on their respective dimensions.


As the multiverse was being remade, Krona went back into time during this exact moment. His actions resulted in the Multiverse splintering off intro an infinite number of universes. Mar Novu was reborn on Oa's moon. At some point, Novu died during the Crisis on Infinite Earths caused by Mobius which had collapsed the infinite Multiverse into one single universe.

The Monitors

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  • Monitor Physiology: As a Monitor of the Sixth Dimension, Mar Novu possesses powers beyond imagination itself, being one of the four most powerful beings in the entire Multiverse. As an individual, Mar Novu only harness the energies of the positive matter Multiverse but can merge with his brothers to form the even more powerful Ultra-Monitor.[2]
    • Cosmic Awareness: As one of the three cosmic entities responsible for the nurturing of the Multiverse, Mar Novu possesses vast knowledge about the different realities and dimensions that make up existence.[1]
    • Enhanced Senses: Mar Novu can peer beyond the void to watch the neighboring Multiverses from the Monitor Sphere.[3]
    • Immortality: Mar Novu was one of the first three beings in the entire Multiverse, created over twenty billion years ago. In this time the Monitor has not aged a single day physically or mentally.[1]
    • Resurrection: Each time the Monitor is miraculously killed, he just re-forms in the Sixth Dimension.[1]
    • Precognition: Mar Novu can look into time to see the future.[1]
    • Size Alteration: The Monitor can manipulate his physical size. There is no currently no known limit to how much he can grow. He has shown himself capable of growing from the height of an ordinary man to the size of several planets.[1]
    • Teleportation: Mar Novu can teleport himself to vast distances with no issue, such as the Antimatter Universe and even the Monitor Sphere, the very edge of things.[3]
    • Energy Projection: Mar Novu can fire energy blast from his hands.[4]
    • Dimensional Superstructure: Mar Novu wields the Dimensional Superstructure which governs all thing imaginable and unimaginable and is part of the Seven Forces of the Universe.[5]
    • Reality Alteration: As a monitor, Mar Novu has a degree of control over the physical reality around him though his power over reality isn't absolute and is diminished outside of the Sixth Dimension.


  • Power Limitation: As a Monitor, Mar Novu's powers will diminish greatly on a lower plane of existence but remains strong enough to shatter the reality.[4]



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