Quote1 Fool! You forget I'm Mara Hani, the greatest of all spies...Now to get those plans! Quote2
-- Mara Hani src

Mara Hani was one of the most famous spies of the 1930s. When dictator Vlamir Koran conquered South America in 1939 and attempted to also take the United States, he hired Mara Hani in order to learn the location of the American floating bases that stopped his attacks. At the United States, Mara Hani fooled John Baxter, from the war department, into thinking she was in love with her, but once the officer let her guard down, she murdered him and stole the information Koran wanted. The spy traveled back to South America in a ship, but there she met American spy the Black Ace who tricked her into revealing the location of the stolen documents. Mara Hani was locked in her cabin, but she managed to escape before reaching Panama. While her mission to steal the documents had failed, she decided to stop the Black Ace, who intended to reach a South American rebel leader that could defeat Koran and free the continent. Mara Hani made a first atttempt to stop the Black Ace at Colombia, but his superior fighting skills allowed him to defeat all of Hani's allies. Afterwards, the spy followed the Black Ace through the jungle in a desperate attempt to catch him. However, Mara Hani was attacked by a jaguar that left her badly injured. Admitting her defeat to the Black Ace, the woman told her former enemy to let her die in the jungle, but the American hero took her with him until they reached the secret hideout of the South American leader Hasana. Both passed out when they arrived there. Months later, as the Black Ace recovered in a hospital, he learned that Mara Hani had not survived her injuries.


  • Mana Hari's name is a play on the famous real-life spy Mata Hari.



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