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Mara al Ghul is the granddaughter of Ra's al Ghul and the cousin of Robin (Damian Wayne). She is an enemy of Robin and the Teen Titans, and is a member of the League of Assassins.

Early Life

Mara al Ghul was the daughter of Dusan al Ghul, also known as the White Ghost. Dusan was the son of Ra's al Ghul, an immortal eco-terrorist who lead the group known as the League of Assassins. When Mara was young her father perished, leaving her to be raised by her grandfather Ra's. Mara was trained by Ra's from the day she could clench a fist to become one of his deadliest agents. She was trained in the Black Citadel of Infinity Island, the headquarters of the League. Mara had a competitor, Hafid al Ghul a.k.a. Damian Wayne, Mara's cousin and the son of Dusan's sister Talia al Ghul and the Batman of Gotham City. Damian was superior to Mara in almost every way, and was chosen by Ra's to be his successor due to his less tainted blood. Damian was also chosen to lead the Demon's Fist, a group of powerful and skillful younglings destined to become the greatest members of the League. Mara eventually became envious of her cousin's skill and fortune, which soon turned into hatred after Damian blinded her right eye in a training excursive.[1]

Damian soon left the League, joining his father in Gotham City as the new Robin. With Damian gone, Mara was given command of the Demon's Fist, leading her to believe she would inherit the command of the League. The Demon Fist's membership roster included Nightstorm (Weather Manipulator), Plague (Fatal Touch), Stone (super-strength, stone manipulation), and Blank (shape-shifting). On their thirteenth birthdays, the Demon's Fist were destined to choose a target for execution, once this target was eliminated the children would be accepted into the League of Assassins.[1]


  • Artistry: Mara is considered as skilled with a brush as she is with a sword.
  • Martial Arts: Mara received the exact same training as her cousin, Damian Wayne.
  • Stealth: Mara was able to sneak into Gotham City and surprise Damian and the Teen Titans inside his secret cave.
  • Swordsmanship: Mara is an expert swordswoman like Damian. She has gone toe-to-toe with her cousin several times.
  • Throwing: Mara was trained by the League of Assassins in shuriken throwing.


  • Partial Blindness: Mara is blind in her right eye because Damian threw a knife into it during an argument.[1]



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