Marc McClure (b. March 31, 1957) portrayed Jimmy Olsen in the films: Superman (1978); Superman II (1980); Superman III (1983); and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987). He reprised the role in the film Supergirl (1984). He is the only actor from the Christopher Reeve Superman franchise to appear in all five films. In 2008, McClure portrayed Dax-Ur on the series Smallville.

Pictured: Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen from Superman

Work History

Acting Credits

Superman December 10, 1978 Jimmy Olsen
Superman II June 19, 1981 Jimmy Olsen
Superman III July 17, 1983 Jimmy Olsen
Supergirl November 21, 1984 Jimmy Olsen
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace July 24, 1987 Jimmy Olsen
Smallville 2001-2011 Dax-Ur
     "Persona" January 31, 2008 Dax-Ur
Powerless 2017-2017 Emily's father
     "Wayne or Lose" February 2, 2017 Emily's father
Justice League November 15, 2017 Officer Ben Sadowski

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