Marc Slayton was a field operative for International Operations (IO), a secret espionage agency that arguably runs the world.

Slayton and some others were recruited by John Lynch, the agency's head, and offered a place in "Project Thunderbook", a research project to see what abilities could be granted by giving humans a treatment of alien DNA, from a selection of samples recovered by archeologists. Slayton was the first to volunteer.[1]

As a result of the treatment, Slayton grew a pair of retractable barbed coils from his wrists, which he can further empower with unspecified energy. Project Thunderbook was deemed a failure and shuttered. Coincident with this, Slayton's implant also caused him to develop a second personality, the Khera (which Slayton refers to as "the Carer"), which manifests as a hallucination of an alien who appears in mirrors, and tells Slayton that he needs to kill people to send their souls to its planet, which it says is Heaven.[2]

Slayton used his savings and a set of fake IDs to move to a farm in an underpopulated area of America, and proceeded to "send souls" to the Carer - effectively becoming a serial killer.

Scattered Across America

When IO began researching Project Thunderbook due to the action of another of its subjects - Cole Cash - John Lynch came to Marc Slayton to warn him of potential danger. Slayton responded by trying to kill Lynch and subsequently hitting the road, partly to try to hunt and kill Lynch, and partly to continue "sending souls" without worrying that IO would come to his farm.

In the course of this, Slayton met some superhumans he couldn't kill, before being ambushed by Lynch, who defeated him with logic by convincing that his real enemy was IO and their current head, Miles Craven.[3].





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