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Marc Slayton was Backlash is a half-Kherubim superhero who has had a number of powers over the years, most notably changing into a mist and psychokinesis. He was a member of Team 7, StormWatch and Wildcore before becoming the director of International Operations. His daughter Jodi briefly also operated under the name.

Marc Slayton was born in Atlantis about three thousand years ago, the son of a human mother and Lord S'ylton, an enhanced Kherubim lord of the alien colony Atlantis. When his father sacrificed his life to imprison one-time allies the D'rahn, a race of hostile aliens whose attack led to the sinking of Atlantis, young Marc was spirited away by Ferrian, his father's former adviser. Ferrian raised the child to adulthood, tutoring him in fighting skills for his protection. Once Marc was old enough to look after himself, Ferrian dropped out of sight and left him to fend for himself.

Marc spent the next three thousand years traveling around the world, living a life of adventure. He has only fragmented memories of his long life. At one point he was a ninja, at another a medieval knight. In World War II, he was recruited for a mission as an intelligence specialist for Team Zero. No rank was seen until the 1960s when he was an Air Force Colonel, working as part of the extra-terrestrial threats squad Team One. Later he joined Team 7, a special ops unit which was deliberately exposed to a mutagenic chemical called the Gen-Factor. All of the members developed superhuman powers—in Marc's case some of these were the result of his alien heritage being fully activated. Team 7 finished their final mission and then went AWOL, but Marc made a deal with I.O.'s Director Miles Craven, brokering his (and John Lynch's and Michael Cray's) services in return for the rest of the squad and their families being left alone.


Backlash was then assigned to join and spy on Stormwatch, the U.N.'s Crisis Intervention superteam. He worked as the group's field leader and instructor until he lost several members of the first team (later dubbed Stormwatch Prime) during a mission in Kuwait. After this tragedy he switched to being the full time instructor. When a Daemonite called S'ryn put Marc's girlfriend, Major Diane LaSalle into a coma, he deserted StormWatch to track her down, breaking a Cabal agent, Amanda Reed aka Taboo, out of prison to help him on his quest. While he eventually caught his prey and revived Diane, he and Taboo become lovers, and both became fugitives. Together they participated in the major events of Wildstorm Rising where Backlash fought Helspont one on one, and Fires From Heaven.

Department P.S.I.

Subsequent to this, Marc discovered he had fathered twin children—a girl named Jodi Morinaka and a boy known only as Aries—by an old girlfriend from Japan. He learned this when Jodi tracked him down after her mother's death. Like her father, Jodi's alien genes gave her superhuman powers, and she took the identity of Jet so she can adventure with him. Backlash and Taboo arranged a pardon for their crimes in return for working for the United States' Department PSI (PSI). Marc made friends with the animal-faced adventurer Dingo, who helped him out on more then one case. It was around this point Marc finally learned of his Kherubim ancestry—for reasons best known to himself, Ferrian had never told Marc.

After joining Dept. PSI, Marc and Amanda built the team Wildcore. He fought the Kindred a second time and combated Dinosaurs while on vacation. Wildcore was slaughtered while preventing a prison break at the Purgatory Max facility, leaving only Marc (missing a leg) and Taboo alive. Marc survived thanks to the assistance of former DV8 member Evo who had been imprisoned for the murder of an N.Y.P.D. officer.

According to his daughter, Marc gave up the name "Backlash"; seeking, as she put it, to keep it in the family, Jodi used it herself. Marc Slayton since became a plainclothes agent of Department PSI with the rank of Commander, and had been involved with John Lynch in the events surrounding Holden Carver and Tao's Syndicate organization.


In the wake of the Worldstorm, Slayton seemed to have risen to the level of Deputy Director while Lynch had become an I.O. Commander.

World's End

At the onset of Armageddon Slayton was trapped in an Internal Operations research and containment facility with the rejected mutations created by I.O. As the only survivor, he fought his way out and received a message from John Lynch for Team-7 to reassemble. After meeting with Lynch and the members of Team-7, Marc learned about the threat of Tao and his nihilistic intentions. Before going their separate ways, Marc had heard about Jodi being with the Wildcats and gave his unused mask to Grifter to deliver it to her, telling her Marc was proud of her accomplishments and carrying on the 'mantle' as well as letting her know he was alright.[1]

Marc later reunited with Team-7 and the Wildcats, and he and his daughter were overjoyed to be reunited as well.[2] In his venture in defeating Tao and surviving against the Knights of Khera, Marc remained with Team-7 when the team decided to act on its own to help what is left on Earth in response to Spartan's utopian plan for the planet.[3]


  • Kherubim Physiology: Kherubim resemble humans in appearance, but are physically far stronger and more durable and extremely long-lived, nearly immortal. However an evolutionary drawback to their near-immortality is that Kherans are almost infertile, only very rarely will a Kheran produce offspring. This effect is seen in real world natural environments, as longer living organisms will have fewer offspring than organisms with short lifespans. This is a natural check against overpopulation.
    • Immortality: As a half-human/half-Kheran, Backlash possesses virtual immortality. His fathers race is extremely long lived and he has been on Earth for literally the whole of human civilization and is showing no sign of growing old anytime soon.
      • Accelerated Healing
      • Enhanced Strength
      • Enhanced Durability: As a Kheribum he is very very tough and durable. A regular bullet and gun will not adequately harm him and his skin could be considered super hard and dense to a normal human.
      • Superhuman Agility: His agility, and quickness are far beyond norm, as he's capable of feats such as vaulting off of walls, going from flips into a vertical stomp, adjusting his rate and direction when in terminal velocity fall and is essentially, well over Olympic level as far as his ability to flip, dodge, dive, spin and move about.
    • Psionic Whips: Backlash has the ability to generate psychic energy whips out the backs of his hands. He can use these whips for various purposes; in combat he uses them to constrict his opponents, shocking them with the energy running through the whips or to cut through objects. He can use the energy whips as grappling hooks. The whips are very durable, but beings of great strength can break them, causing painful psionic feedback.
    • Intangibility: He can also transform his body and clothes into mist - as well as being useful for infiltration and defense.
  • Gen-Factor:(Formerly) Exposure to the Gen-Factor had gifted as well as cursed Slayton with several supernatural abilities both Mental and Physical at the same time, these powers have fluctuated in potency over the coarse of his life. Eventually his Kheran origins would win out over the foreign eugenic chemistry, expunging said Gen Active substance from his physiology; greatly strengthening/weakening many of his natural abilities. While most of his Gen-Factor powers have either diminished or dissipated completely, certain abilities acquired through it can still be used while in range of another Team 7 Member.



Power Instability



  • Various Weapons

  • While Marc had long since reconnected with his daughter, he was unable to do so with Aries before the Wildstorm Universe ended. Similarly, whether or not his relationship with Taboo was still going on by that point was unknown, though it is possible - having been pardoned for her crimes and after suffering severe injuries during her last known adventure with him - she simply left Marc and moved on with her life. Certainly, neither he nor Jodi mentioned her in their later appearances, despite the closeness all three shared.
  • Marc has held many titles and ranks over his career including Colonel and Commander.
  • Marc's Gen-Factor has caused a lot of discrepancies with his powers. Along with power level fluctuations, Marc also had full psionic abilities which include telepathy and telekinesis. These have since waned and are no longer in his arsenal.