The Advance Man is a being of considerable cosmic power who hires himself out to other galactic powers, and uses his impressive abilities to pave the way for his employers to conquer other worlds.

Among the powers and abilities the Advance Man has displayed thus far are the power to teleport himself across the galaxy, and strong adaptability to circumstances. He is capable of tapping into psychic powers, and may also be able to tap into a given planet's energy resources for his own ends. The Advance Man is a ruthless manipulator and has no empathy or pity for the populace of those planets he prepares for conquest.

How many planets the Advance Man is responsible for seeing conquered during his career is not as yet known. Thus far, the only failure that he has endured is when he attempted to position Earth for conquest by the pregnant alien Plura, only to be beaten back by the heroes of Earth, led by various temporary incarnations of the Justice League. Plura was ultimately chased away by the heroes, and the Advance Man fled, escaping capture.


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