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Quote1.png I was perfectly happy waving a wand. Now the thunder-clouds talk to me. Begging me to let them rain. Quote2.png
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Marco Mardon is the Weather Wizard. Using his Weather Wand to commit crimes, he has acted as an enemy of the Flash and member of the Rogues.

Marco Mardon was the uninspired of two brothers. He never dreamed of owning a big estate or of being a cartel leader like his brother.[1] Marco was born into a rich family. When his father died, his brother Claudio started operating the cartel business. Claudio secretly arranged for a treaty with the competing cartel by offering them a large area of territory. However, as Marco was called in to assist his brother, Claudio was murdered and his body taken. The evidence of a ransom note and the blood splattering indicated a murder even though with police officially stated it was a kidnapping. Patty Spivot began investigating Marco for Claudio's murder as a personal vendetta.[2]

Marco later discovered that the murder of Claudio was orchestrated by Claudio's wife, Elsa. He killed her with a lightning bolt, avenging his brothers death.

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  • Weather Manipulation Marco Mardon can manipulate the weather in a variety of ways, preferably in the form of lightning blasts.[2]
    • Electro-Blast Marco is able to harness the weather in order to create lightning blasts from the electrical storms he creates.[2]
  • Flight[3]

Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Marco's mental health has been steadily declining to the point that he is now showing clear signs of instability.




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