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Marcus Driver is a detective in Gotham City's Major Crimes Unit, and is the last detective recruited to that department by Commissioner Gordon before his retirement[1] and replacement by Mike Akins.

Driver was initially partnered with Charlie Fields, who was killed by Mister Freeze. Driver took the death of his partner personally and showed conviction in wanting to catch Freeze without Batman's help.[2]

He later became romantically involved with Romy Chandler[3] which Nate Patton did not like since he was also interested in her.

He later partnered with Josie Mac, who kept her minor psychic powers from him for some time.

Marcus preferred to do things by the book but also has a strong sense of 'right' and 'wrong'. Marcus showed a need to protect the innocent during a hostage situation with Kenny Booker, his younger brother's childhood friend. He put his life in danger to save innocent hostages. He traded his capture for the release of dozens of innocent victims.[4]


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