Deadman was an agent of the Metal Men and later Nightwing.

Marcus Moore was the commander of the renown six-man covert ops team, the Metal Men, during World War III. He and his team participated in the Czech War in 1968 and were given the mission in acquiring an unexploded Red Tornado chemical warhead captured by the Czech resistance in Prague, in order to broker peace between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Metal Men met their resistance contact Martina Zelenka, also known as Raven, in directing them to the warhead. Once she led them to the Red Tornado, Moore disobeyed his orders and intended on having the warhead launched at Moscow to quickly end the war as soon as possible.

But, his goal was strongly opposed by his second-in-command and close friend Samuel Schwartz, who morally opposed to unleashing the weapon on a civilian population. Both Moore and Schwartz had their conviction and were willing to kill each other for them. Schwartz, however, was very reluctant to kill his friend, in which Moore in contrast intended to kill Schwartz but only to be shot in the head by Zelenka, and saving Schwartz's life in the process. The truth of Moore's death was covered up and his official cause was from being shot by a Soviet soldier.[1]

In reality, however, Moore survived his death and resurfaced some years later as the leader of the shadow government Nightwing, which secretly manipulate and control the true power of the American government, in which it was headed by his former comrade, and then President, Samuel Schwartz. He also brought his former Metal Men members Carl Walters and Francis Powell into his organization. Under his authority, Moore (under the alias "Deadman") had Nightwing closely monitored the sudden wave of costumed heroes in 1996.

After the Superman took control of Earth, Nightwing was disbanded and Moore's fate after that is currently unknown.




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