Quote1.png Look, I don't know how you got your special friend to target me, but tell him to lay off! You know I'm small fry. He should, too. Quote2.png
Marcus Row src

Marcus Row is the criminal father of Harper and Cullen Row. In and out of prison constantly, Marcus was never really there for his children and, when he was, he wasn't a very good father.

During what would later be called "Zero Year", a new criminal known as the Riddler shut off the power throughout the entire city of Gotham. Instead of watching his children, Marcus leaves Harper and Cullen in their apartment, saying he would be back in the morning after a night out for a drink with his friends. Harper comments that she doesn't believe him, since her father had been gone for two days the last time he said that. Yelling at her, Marcus ignores her remarks and slams the door behind him.[1]

Seven years later, Cullen and Harper visit their father due to Cullen's wishes, insisting they see their father for the first time since he was just recently sent back to Blackgate. Talking on opposing sides of a piece of glass, Cullen tells his father that the boy was just hired at as an editor for a teen magazine. Marcus, not really impressed, dismisses his son's accomplishment and instead greets him with a cheap homophobic insult.

Harper, much less tolerant of her father's cruelty, screams at him, but Marcus shrugs it off. Afterall, Marcus is back in Blackgate because of Harper's new alliance with Batman, a betrayal from his own flesh and blood. Irritating his daughter with pet names, Marcus is dragged away by his supervising guard, who tells him that his time with his visitors is up.[2]



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