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Marcus Sun[1], aka the Monkey Prince, is the son of the legendary Monkey King. He hates superheroes.

Marcus doesn't remember his biological father and was raised by loving adoptive parents, who also happen to be henchmen of Doctor Sivana. He considers his adopted parents his true family and has no regard for the Monkey King. The family moved around a lot and eventually settled in Philadelphia, where Marcus would attend Fawcett High School and befriend Billy Batson.

At some point, Marcus met his father's old comrade Shifu Pigsy, who began to train him in his powers. Pigsy would prevent Marcus from losing control via a headband that would constrict whenever Pigsy chanted. Under Pigsy's guidance Marcus battles the demons and monsters of Chinese folklore abroad in the mortal world.

Although he is a force for good in the world, Monkey Prince does not consider himself a superhero and hates superheroes as a whole, believing they are arrogant and see themselves as above ordinary people. This is ironic given that one of his only friends is also one of Earth's premier heroes.[2]




  • Power Instability: Monkey Prince's powers are tied to his emotional state; he may revert to human form if he is afraid, or summon a wind too powerful to control if he becomes angry (and at that moment, his hair shines golden).


  • Monkey Prince's Circlet: When Monkey Prince loses control, his Shifu sings a chant that makes this band around his head tighten, like a discipline device.
  • Monkey Prince's Mask: He needs to wear a mask even on his monkey form, as he can revert to his human form when injured or overcome by fear.


  • Jingu Bang: Monkey Prince wields the legendary magical battle staff Jingu Bang.

  • In his human form he has black hair, in his monkey form he is covered in brown fur.
  • If he foils Doctor Sivana's schemes, he will let his adopted parents escape.