Margaret "Peggy" Adam is the daughter of Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam) and Angela Randall.

When she was 5, her father went missing after an experiment went wrong. She had very few memories of her father and couldn't even recall what he looked like. Her stepfather, Wade Eiling, helped that by removing all images of him from the house. That didn't stop Peggy from dreaming about him, to the point that she became obsessed with him.[1]

When her father returned 18 years later, she was 23 and in her second year of graduate school.[1] She took an immediate liking to her father - now "Cameron Scott" - even though her stepfather and brother Randy didn't share her enthusiasm.[2]

She also took a liking to her father's best friend, Sgt. Jeff Goslin. They eventually got in a relationship[3] and announced their relationship shortly thereafter.[4] Her father had trouble accepted it, as Goz was both twice her age and black.[5] He was eventually won over by Eiling, who explained that the two had not seen eachother in 18 years and practically met for the first time again.[6]

In time, Peggy realized she was surrounded by military men and their was always kept outside of their secrets and lies. She took a break and decided to cut off the engagement,[7] though she did still have feelings for Jeff.[8] She moved to Metropolis, where she found a job at the Daily Planet.[9]

  • Margaret Adam was born on August 4th, 1962 at 7:05AM in Southern General Hospital.[1]
  • Margaret was 25 when she dated 44-year old Sgt. Jeff Goslin.[6]
  • Margaret was the spitting image of her mother.[10]



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