Maggie Sawyer was a detective in the Metropolis Police Department.

At some point in her life, Maggie Sawyer joined the Metropolis Police Department and rose to the rank of lieutenant. In early 2003, she apprehended a young man, who was attempting to enter LuthorCorp Plaza, during a hostage situation involving Martha Kent and Lionel Luthor.[1] A few months later, Sawyer was in charge of the response to a bank robbery, involving a mysterious young man in a ski-mask, who was seemingly bulletproof.[2] Some time after that, Sawyer found herself demoted down to detective.[3]

In 2005, Sawyer was in charge of an investigation involving a female hit-and-run victim, with ties to Senator Jack Jennings and a strip-club called the Windgate. During her investigation, she found herself once more meeting Clark Kent, along with Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane, who she felt was interfering with the investigation. Ultimately, Sawyer had to let the girl's killer go, due to him having diplomatic immunity.[3]

A few years later, Sawyer was once more called to LuthorCorp Plaza, to investigate the apparent suicide of Lionel Luthor.[4] Around 2011, Sawyer became partnered with Danny Turpin.[5]


  • Due to Maggie Sawyer being a minor character on the show, her personal life was never explored. However, in the episode "Exposed", she is shown to be attracted to Lois Lane.[3]



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