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Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux was a 16th Century witch and a direct ancestor of Lana Lang.

At some point in her life, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux acquired seemingly-magical abilities.

Isobel was recruited by Duchess Gertrude to find three "Stones of Power" (three pieces of Kryptonian technology). However, Isobel turned on the Duchess and tried to acquire the stones for herself. As punishment, the Duchess had Isobel and her comrades, Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge, burned as witches.[1]

However, Isobel managed to escape death. Casting an apparent spell, she placed some of her blood inside of her spell book. Ensuring her return, should a relative of hers make physical contact with the blood.[1]

400 years later, Isobel's spell book fell into the hands of her 21st century descendant, Lana Lang. Lana had previously visited Isobel's tomb, where she had been marked with a mysterious symbol of Kryptonian origin. When Lana touched the page with Isobel's blood, she possessed the young girl. Using two of Lana's friends, she was also able to bring back Madelyn and Brianna.[1]

Together, the three set out to find the stones, but their paths crossed Clark Kent, who tried to fight them. From Clark, Isobel learned about the location of one of the stones. However, she discovered that she was unable to touch the stone, without it burning her. Clark managed to defeat Isobel and her comrades, by burning her spell book, returning their hosts back to normal. But, Isobel was far from gone.[1]

Later, when Lana was searching for another of the stones in China, Isobel emerged again, when Lana was being tortured by Chinese soldiers. Isobel managed to find the stone, but once more found herself having to fight Clark Kent. During the fight, Isobel grabbed the stone and she was once more vanquished.[2]

Isobel would return a third time, when Lana was fighting Genevieve Teague (a descendant of the Duchess), over the stone from China. Isobel grabbed the stone and stabbed Genevieve to death. However, by doing so, Isobel was permanently expelled from Lana's body, by the stone.[3]




  • Vulnerability to Stones of Power: Isobel was unable to make physical contact with any of the three stones. Doing so would either burn her or expell her from Lana's body.[1][2][3]
  • Power Limitation: (Formerly) Prior to being burned as a witch, Isobel was unable to use her powers without her spell book. This weakness was seemingly gone when she possessed Lana.[1][2]


  • Spell Book (Formerly)

  • Some of Isobel's magic involved Kryptonian symbols.[1] The reason for this, and why she couldn't touch the stones, were never explained.



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