Red Velvet was an enemy (and ex-wife) of Booster Gold.

Margot Montgomery was the heir to the Montgomery's Regular Toilets fortune. While she was walking down the street, she met Michael Carter and fell in love with him at first sight, despite him being from a much lower social class as her. In the day of their marrage, Michael left her at the altar so he could travel back to 21st Century and raise money to support her. He returned, and both lived happily ever after.

Or so they thought. Michael turned out to be a terrible husband and wasted their family's fortune by investing in meaningless schemes. Calling herself Red Velvet, she traveled back in time to stop the marriage from happening, not caring if Michael died in the process. She ruined Booster Gold's convention and destroyed the Watchtower, but nothing seemed to slow him down. After chasing Booster Gold and Batman to the 25th Century, she convinced her past self to not marry Michael Carter. She succeeded, creating a time paradox that erased herself from existence.[1]





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