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Rita Covas was Tarot, a minor tarot reader and occultist that got entangled in a large, reality altering plot by Morgaine le Fey and Enigma.

When a young Marguerita "Rita" Covas picked up her first deck of Tarot cards, she performed a reading on her father, warning him not to go to work lest he be killed. From that moment she knew what she wanted to do with her life, read the cards.

Later in life she took up performing readings for the people of her Los Angeles, California neighborhood of Mar Vista, eaking out a living and acquiring the nickname "Tarot". When she developed an incredibly strong connection to the cards she started performing readings for any and everyone, including the Mar Vista Guerreros gang, who used the information she gave them to rob a bank, much to her chagrin. When they attempted to force her to perform another reading she ran, and they were slaughtered by an unseen creature warning them she was meant for "The Three Who Are To Rise."

When she returns home, she performed a reading on herself which she interprets to mean she is in control of a great power and may need to use it to destroy the world. During it, her eyes black out and she says "wordsoul", which she later strives to remember but can't then falls into a vivid dream of Despero conquering a world in order to take control of an Interspatial Gateway, though she doesn't think he knows why he needs it.


  • Magic: Tarot has a strong connections to the mystic powers behind the Tarot.