Quote1 Show up at my father's house, and you're gonna get a really good idea of how it feels to get disemboweled by a lion. Quote2
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Born in Zambesi village in Africa, Mari was the latest in a bloodline that stretched back centuries as the weilders of a mystical totem granted to their forbear, Tantu, by the spider god, Anansi. On the day when her older sister, Kuasa, was to inherit stewardship of the totem, a local warlord decided to flex his muscles by wiping out the village. In the confusion, Mari's father was killed. Her mother managed to grab both Mari and the totem and flee, eventually arriving in America. Seemingly abandoned by her mother, Mari was in reality hidden in the foster system to protect both her and the totem. Taken in by a loving couple named Chuck and Patty in Detroit, who loved and raised her as their own, Mari grew up filled with questions about who she was. As a young woman, Mari left home on a journey of self discovery, but returned with more questions than answers.



  • It's unknown how much of Mari's life was changed, after her grandmother altered history.[2]



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