Mari Jiwe McCabe is Vixen, a Zambesian superheroine who gains her connection to the Red from her Tantu Totem. She is also a founding member of the Justice League International, the Justice League of America, and the Justice Foundation.


When Mari was just little girl her mother was killed by poachers. On the anniversary of her mothers death her father, Reverend Richard Jiwe, gifted Mari her mothers amulet. This amulet was called the Tantu Totem, and legend said that when someone put the totem on they would gain all the abilities of the animal kingdom. Begrudgingly accepting the totem, Mari's uncle Mustapha arrived demanding Richard hand over the totem. When Mari's father refused Mustapha shot him, causing Mari to flee for her life.[1]

Once Mari reached adulthood she had risen from a street orphan to a top tier fashion designer, model, reality show star and animal activist. During an interview on Angela Chen's talk show she learned that the mother of Charlotte, a child from her outreach program, had gone missing. She decided to use the powers of the Tantu Totem find Charlotte's mother, and she did. She also found several other people trapped in cages, and their jailer, Spiderbite. Using the totem's Mari was able to defeat Spiderbite and reunite Charlotte with mother. After this event Mari decided to dedicate her life to be the super heroine Vixen.[1]

Justice League of America

After taking down the villain Roxy Rocket, Vixen was approached by the Batman. Bruce wanted Vixen to join his new super team, the Justice League of America, as he believed she would be the best choice in leadership when he was away. She agreed to help him and so the pair travelled to Mount Justice where she was inducted into the team alongside Atom, Black Canary, Frost, Lobo and the Ray.[2]

The team was sent into New York where an incident was happening. Upon arrival the site was being attacked by a group of metahumans known as the Extremists lead by a man calling himself Lord Havok. Havoc claimed to be from an alternate universe, which had been destroyed by anarchy. Not wanting to see it happen to another world Havoc planned on subjugating and suppressing the free wills of people on Vixen's Earth.[3] After a brief fight Havok had Extremists member Dreamslayer teleport the group away from the site. The team soon tracked down the Extremists to the European nation of Kravia. They came across Extremist member Death Bat but before they could arrest her they were stopped by the Kravian government. When Vixen asked why they were not allowed to arrest the villain they informed her that Havoc had been crowned king of Kravia, and as such him and the Extremists now possessed diplomatic immunity.[4]

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