Maria Kyle was a professional thief and the mother of Selina Kyle. Maria was thought to be dead, but Selina knew she was alive.[1]

Maria showed up after Selina, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred Pennyworth broke into a Court of Owls vault and killed the Talon. Selina recognized Maria as her mother, and the three of them escaped with her.[2] Despite Selina's initial anger over her mother's abandonment, Maria and Selina reconcile after Maria gives Selina a box of her old things from childhood.[3] Maria meets with a man named Cole Clemons, and appears to owe money to the man. Cole requests $200,000 from Bruce Wayne in exchange for Maria's debt. However, it turned out to be a scam, as Maria and Cole were working together to steal money from Bruce. Maria's true intentions for returning made Selina very angry with her mother.[4]




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