Maria Kyle is the wife of Brian Kyle and the mother of Selina and Maggie.

Struggling with an abusive marriage and money troubles, Maria killed herself when her daughters were young. Selina found her lifeless body in the bathtub.


  • Bilingualism: Maria was harassed by her husband by speaking a language other than English.[1]


  • Mental Illness: Maria was mentally unwell, having committed suicide due to the pressures in her life.

  • In Catwoman: When in Rome, it is suggested that Brian and Maria are not Selina's biological parents and that Carmine Falcone and Louisa Falcone are. This was never proven decisively.
  • Maria signed her daughter Selina up for gymnastics at an early age.[2]
  • According to Harley Quinn, Maria was "Cuban or something".[3] Furthermore, during an argument, her husband Brian claimed that Maria's family were refugees, yelled at her for speaking a language other than English, and complained that the food Maria cooked was not "normal" because it contained ingredients like beans and rice.[1] These are all racist criticisms often leveled against Latinos in the United States, particularly in the 1990s when the comic was published.



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