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Quote1.png Maria's my best friend. I know it's not common for a guy and a girl to be besties, but after growing up next door to each other we're practically family. Quote2.png
Jake Hyde src

The latin girl-next-door Maria Mendez is Jake Hyde's childhood best friend, with whom she is secretly in love.

Although, for Jake, it's not common for a guy and a girl to be best friends, they practically grew up together and consider themselves family. As kids they liked to play pretend they were Aquaman with a fork as a trident and Mera with a tinfoil tiara, trying to kick his ass because Jake never wanted to admit they were a couple.

Having been raised by a single mother, Jake regards Maria's family as his own, the Mendez house as his second home, and Izzy as the little sister he wishes he had.

Unaware of Maria's true feelings for him, Jake kept many secrets from her, like the fact that he was still in the closet, that he applied to the University of Miami even though she wanted to stay in Truth or Consequences with Jake, his powers linked to water and the attraction he felt for the high school's star swimmer, Kenny Liu. However, upon catching Jake and Kenny's first kiss in the school's swimming pool, their relationship was extremely strained and Jake felt guilty for the possibility of losing the friendship of someone so important in his life.

Maria's dream is to protect the whole area in the desert around the small town she lives in, which she considers spectacular.

Her mom is a great cook, and her dad owns a little shop called Mendez Quick Mart.