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Maria Mendoza is Wonder Woman, who wields the Tapac-Yauri that gives her powers.

Daughter of a local judge (called a "Juez" in Peru), Maria works as an activist protesting against the ruthless excavation of an ancient holy site in Cuzco. The man in charge of the endeavor was Armando Guitez, a man who sought the power of the runes within the site to gain enough strength to rule the world. When Maria's father is killed by Guitez, she sneaks onto the site to get revenge. However, she stumbles upon two runes.

Armando arrived and shattered the dark rune, gaining the mystical powers of dark spirits. The second rune, one of light spirits, was shattered by Maria and she was whisked away by the Sun God of the Incan people. Attempting to save the life of Steve Trevor, the man who had saved her from Armando himself, Maria was given the golden staff and imbued with incredible powers. Chasing Armando to Los Angeles, Maria saved a handsome reporter from certain death which earned her village of Santa Atalaya the privilege of being the first place to be destroyed when Armando would rule the world.

The two battle in the streets of L.A. until the newly christened Wonder Woman takes to the skies and impales the monstrous Armando Guitez on a church spire and eradicates his malicious spirits. Returning to her normal identity, Maria assumes life as a new resident of L.A. with a job at a local newspaper company under the direction of the man she had saved while fighting her worst enemy.


  • Multilingualism: She speaks Spanish and English, with the latter language being her second learned.[1]


  • Golden Staff
    • Divine Empowerment: By touching the golden staff, Maria Mendoza becomes empowered by the Sun God and transforms into Wonder Woman.[1]
    • Flight: The golden staff is the key to the heavens. With it, Maria can fly at will. She must only think of a speed and destination and she will arrive in haste.[1]
    • Superhuman Speed: She is said to have the speed of comet.[1]
    • Superhuman Strength: She is said to have the strength of a gale wind.[1]
    • Telekinesis: Should she let her staff go it will drift at her side. She can also carry others weightlessly.[1]
    • Transformation: When she wishes she can return to her normal identity. Her staff transforms into golden objects (bracelet, shield, lasso) when not in use and each time she touches it the change will occur.[1]



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