A college student from Rio de Janeiro, Maria DeGuzman came to study in the United States. Like her aunt, Maria had the ability to morph into a powerful, cat-like humanoid. After several adventures, she joined a group of other heroes called "The Crusaders". She eventually became romantically involved with teammate the Fly.


  • Transformation: Maria can change from her normal human form into the tall, buxom, muscular form of the Jaguar. Originally only able to change during periods of heightened physical or emotional stress, Maria has since learned to control her powers and can now change at will.
    • Enhanced Strength: The Jaguar Spirit grants Maria a physicality far beyond the finest human athletes. Her strength is enough to smash through brick and stone walls without injury and lift and throw objects several times her size.
    • Enhanced Speed: Maria's enhanced limb strength allows her to move far faster than a normal human. She has been clocked in at over 50 mph.
    • Enhanced Agility: The Jaguar Spirit gives Maria the agility of a jungle cat. She can climb trees and run up the side of walls with minimal effort.
    • Enhanced Durability: Maria's enhanced Jaguar form allows her easily recover from the various battles she's found herself in during the course of her superhero career. She can survive blows and attacks that would kill an ordinary human.
    • Enhanced Senses: With the senses of a cat, Maria can see almost total darkness and smell and hear no ordinary human would notice.


  • Feral instincts: The Jaguar Spirit is hard to fully control and can imbue its user with a predatory blood lust that can make them go too far in punishing evildoers.
  • Maria's Jaguar costume is enchanted, allowing it to come to her whenever she transforms, thus saving her from any embarrassing situations when she outgrows her normal clothes. It also seems to be indestructible, surviving many savage battles without a scratch.



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