Pagan is a Gotham City vigilante and ally of Joe Public and Batman.

When Marian Mercer's sister was raped and killed by a street gang, she devoted her life to revenge. As the vigilante known as Pagan, she began prowling the streets of Gotham City during the night time, fighting all kinds of crime, but specializing in hunting down - and often slaughtering - sexual predators. Pagan's bloodthirsty actions have made her clash with the Batman on a number of occasions, although she shaped up, and he did eventually grow to respect her abilities. The two even teamed up, along with Joe Public, to fight the alien parasite known as "Gemir" during the events of "Bloodlines".

During the events of Legacy, Batman turned protection of Gotham over to Huntress. She mentioned Pagan and Joe Public as other friendlier vigilantes he might give the responsibility to.[1]




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