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Marianne was a friend of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance and drove a wedge in their relationship.

Marianne was a street kid living in Seattle who got by on the kindness of the shopkeepers and citizens of the city, along with occasional pick-pocketing. She imagined her life as a fantasy of romance, princes, and princesses, keeping a journal describing her life in that style. In her past, her father was abusive and violent toward her and her sister. When they fought back and put him in the hospital, they were sent to a home, but when he got out of the hospital they were sent back. When her 13 year old sister died of a drug overdose, she left home and never went back.

She eventually ran into Oliver Queen, who had decided to use the abandoned under-ground mall that she lived in as a hideout, without realizing that it was occupied. Before they could properly be introduced, a group of thugs hoping to attack Marianne appeared, and Oliver was forced to defend her. Afterwards, Oliver confided the fact that he was a fugitive from the government to Marianne, and she tended his wounds and allowed him to stay with her.

Oliver used Marianne's skills as a thief to retrieve his bow and arrow from the Sherwood Florist without waking up his girlfriend, Dinah Lance, and when she returned, she found that he had shaved his head and beard in order to disguise himself. As he left, he gave her a large sum of money, for an apartment, tuition, and books. He even recommended a job for her with the Sherwood Florist, should she need one.

Later, after Oliver's name was cleared, Marianne accepted the job at the Florist, working as a replacement for him, since he planned to go away. She and Dinah worked together for nearly a year while Oliver was away in England and Africa. After a long time had passed, Marianne encouraged Dinah to pursue a new relationship with an interested police officer named Kaz. Eventually, Dinah relented, but Oliver returned just in time to show that Kaz is a corrupt murderer.

Little was seen of Marianne for a while until an unknown serial killer began targeting street people. She was distraught when a man she knew was murdered, and came to Oliver Queen for comfort. Oliver agreed to help, but she insisted on joining him, knowing that the other street people wouldn't trust him unless she vouched for him. She put on her old street clothes, and they questioned her friends. Eventually, they discovered that the killer is one of their own, Stoney, who was being employed by a corrupt man running for congress who hoped to eliminate a particular street person who knew too much about his past.

Oliver began to wonder why Marianne never dated anyone, but his wondering was interrupted when Marianne and her friend from the streets Jack Hammer came in, worrying about their friend Jefferson Twodogs, who was suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Together, they calmed him down and found him some professional help.

It became apparent through her diaries that Marianne had romantic feelings for Oliver, but kept them inside because her love for him was part of her fantasies. However, at a New Year's party, she confessed her feelings for him, and he was taken aback. Even so, when he went to talk to her about it, they ended up kissing, and the kiss was caught by his girlfriend Dinah Lance.

The conflict had to be postponed, though, when a brainwashed Roy Harper attacked, trying to kill his mentor. Before finding out the archer's identity, though, Marianne and Shado took Oliver into hiding in her old hideout - the underground mall. In conversation with Shado, Marianne revealed her jealousy of both Dinah and Shado for having parts of Oliver that she never could. After it was all over, and Roy was unmasked, Dinah left Oliver, unwilling to share him with so many people.

Later, Marianne bumped into Oliver on the street outside the Sherwood Florist, and apologized for letting herself get carried away to the point where it ruined Oliver and Dinah's relationship. Oliver admitted that he was responsible in part, and that he must have had some feelings for her, or else he wouldn't have allowed the kiss to happen. He took the result as a sign for him to move on.

Marianne was allowed to stay with Dinah, but she chose to stay at the dormitory at her school instead, because she felt guilty. Even so, she would keep working at the shop. When Oliver informed her that he'd be going away for a while on a mission they parted amicably, if awkwardly. Later, though, when Oliver returned to his hideout, he found Marianne there waiting for him in the nude, and they made love, even if it was to be the first and last time.

On another occasion, after being away for weeks, Oliver returned to his underground hideout to find Marianne waiting there for him again. Despite the fact that he had feelings for her, Oliver refused to start a relationship with her, because he truly loved Dinah. He admitted that he has feelings for Marianne, and that the time that they made love was something he would cherish, but that it would have to be the last time. She left, sadly, warning him that if he held out for Dinah, he would end up a lonely old man.

  • Marianne's last name is never revealed.


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