Marie Grunier's husband was killed by a French superhero. She was selected for the UN's new Stormwatch program, Team Achilles, from the French Gendarmerie Nationale as a medical support specialist and crisis negotiator. She patches the team's bodies and ensures that they remain psychologically able to stay in the field.

She also operates on targets when necessary - for instance she operated on a broadcast empath who was broadcasting low-level feelings of hate and murder thorough the Balkans, rewiring his brain so he would project his positive thoughts instead.

When a small American town was taken over by a psychopath with reality-alteration powers, Grunier came in and took command of the field team. She successfully manipulated the subject by derailing his storyline and imposing her storyline in his delirium, convincing him to surrender harmlessly. She had to kill him a few minutes later, however, when US authorities tried to take over the operation. Grunier was concerned that they would try to capture the man for their own use despite having no means of controlling him, undoing all of her work and unleashing this menace once again.

Grunier also decided to start a relationship with Jukko Hämäläinen; the Finn didn't exactly object.

During the Authority's coup d'etat, Santini had to take Team Achilles undercover with him to continue his mission without UN support. He told his two main support specialists, Lt.-col. Grunier and Lt. Barak, that they arguably played a civilian role and would almost certainly not be hunted down by the Authority. Both chose to stay with the team, though.




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