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Mary Grayson (née Marie Lloyd) was one of the three acrobats in the Haly's Circus group "the Flying Graysons". She was the mother of Dick Grayson, who would go on one day to become Nightwing.

As a child, Mary was part of Haly's travelling circus, which, at one point, ended up in Paris. Meeting the child who would one day grow up to call himself Raptor, Mary was the only person brave enough to talk to the child, despite his Leprosy. The two became very close friends as they shared a distaste for the rich and powerful of society, sneaking into their houses and stealing from them. Raptor would fall in love with Mary, but the two grew apart with age.

Many years later, Mary Lloyd married fellow circus acrobat John Grayson and the two had a son named Dick. As Dick got older, the three became the world-famous acrobat troupe "the Flying Graysons". Even though she was married and happy, Mary's childhood friend Raptor would continue to follow her and the circus, keeping a watchful eye on her in the shadows.[1]

After refusing to payoff crime boss Tony Zucco while the circus had its usual stop in Gotham, Zucco sabotaged the wires that John and Mary were performing on, sending them plummeting to their deaths in front of their son. Dick, distraught, was taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne.


  • Mary is Romani.[3]