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Marilyn Batson is the ex-wife of C.C. Batson and mother of Billy Batson. Believed to be alive, her current whereabouts are unknown.

In Zumbrota, Minnesota, Marilyn and her husband Clarence were driving to the hospital to prepare for the childbirth of Billy. Due to a utility pole collapsing onto the road, Billy was born in the car. They left that night due to her father's disapproval and the fear that Billy and her would be taken away from Clarence.[1]

They drove to Philadelphia and settled. Sometime settling, Clarence began a life of crime due to current unknown reason; crimes that included robbing banks. To remove himself from Marilyn and their child, Clarence left them.[1]

After C.C. was revealed to be under Mr. Mind's, it is unclear how much of the story was real and what was fabricated.[2]

After being freed from Mr. Mind, C.C. said that he and Marilyn had given up Billy due to the both of them being unfit to be parents. Sometime after that, they ended their relationship.[2]

It is believed she is still living in Zumbrota.[1]