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Mario Calvi was the name used by Carmine Falcone's son in his public identity as a doctor.

After Mario's mother passed away, Carmine had previously promised his wife that he wouldn't drag Mario into his father's crime family. In Atlanta, Mario met Leslie Thompkins and eventually got into a relationship with her. When the two returned to Gotham, Leslie was kidnapped by the deranged Jervis Tetch, for a sick form of psychological torture he inflicted on Jim Gordon. When Mario arrived on the scene and tried to threaten Tetch with a gun, Jervis revealed that he expected his arrival and stripped the gun of bullets.

After Tetch was eventually captured by GCPD, the Court of Owls made multiple attempts on Mario's life. The first attempt with a car bomb, and the second with two assassins trying to attack him. When it came to the third attempt at a jewelry store, Gordon took out one of the assassins while Mario brutally killed the second in self-defense. Carmine Falcone later had a discussion with Kathryn, the Court's representative, about the attacks on his son. Kathryn withheld any important information on the Court of Owls' motives for the attempt on Mario's life. After Mario saw Leslie leaving Gordon's apartment, he was suddenly engulfed by rage. When two punks came up behind him and tried messing with, they were brutally taken down by Mario. It was then shown that Mario was somehow infected by Alice Tetch's mutative blood.

Later on, Mario visited a Gotham Bio-Lab worker named Ryan Pfeffer at a bar. Mario killed the worker and took his key card. Upon Gordon entering Gotham Bio-Lab and finding that his key card was used, he was ambushed by Mario, who knocked him out. Deciding not to kill Gordon, Mario wrote his location on Gordon's hand, daring the policeman to come look for him. After learning about Mario's condition from Jervis Tetch, Gordon had Mario brought to the GCPD where Lucius Fox ran tests on him. Lucius informed Jim that they found no sign of Tetch's virus in him. Confused, Jim tells them that the test is wrong and that he will find a way to prove it. When Gordon went to visit Leslie, he found Mario waiting for him. Mario warned Jim, that if anything happened to him, his father, Carmine Falcone would make Gordon pay. Mario called in Victor Zsasz who held Gordon at gunpoint. After holding Jim prisoner for a couple minutes, Zsasz tells him that he is free to go, as he was only instructed to keep Jim occupied for a few minutes. Jim knocked Zsasz out to get his weapon back and made his way to the church in order to warn Leslie about Mario being infected, but she refused to believe him. When the wedding starts, Mario watched as Carmine escorted Leslie to him as they exchanged their vows.

Upon Lucius figuring out how Mario countered the tests, Harvey Bullock told Alvarez to get a unit on Mario and Leslie. At his father's lakeside house, Mario thanked Leslie for sneaking them out of the reception. He then asked her if she still cares for Gordon, to which his wife answered that she loves Mario, but will always care for Jim. Jim visited Carmine, asking for the location of Mario and Leslie, which Carmine agreed to give him, on the condition that he brings Mario in alive. When Gordon headed to Carmine's refuge, he saw Mario with a knife in hand, seconds away from stabbing Leslie. Jim then stopped Mario by shooting him twice in the chest.



Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Infected with the Alice Tetch virus, Mario became increasingly jealous of Jim Gordon, who was Leslie's old lover. This caused him to gradually lose reason, to the point he almost murdered his wife.



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