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Mario Falcone was the son of notorious Gotham City crimelord Carmine Falcone, and later became a prominent member of the Falcone crime organization.

Also in the crime family was Mario's sister Sofia. Meanwhile, Mario's younger brother Alberto led a normal life, going to both Harvard and Oxford. However, Mario was at one point arrested by Miles O'Hara and Stan Merkel , and a judge had him deported to Italy. While Mario renounced his criminal ways in Italy, tragedy struck his father's empire back in the U.S. when the Falcones became the major target of a serial killer known only as Holiday. Holiday began killing many of Falcone's officers, and relatives, and even killed Alberto on New Year's Eve. With Holiday's rampage lasting nearly an entire year, the murderer was eventually brought to justice and was revealed to be Alberto himself, who had faked his death on New Year's Eve to cover his tracks. Unfortunately, Carmine was killed on the anniversary of Holiday's first murder, by former District Attorney Harvey Dent who was now calling himself Two-Face after a tragic accident that scarred half his face. The same incident would also bind Sofia (who would become the new head of the Falcone empire) to a wheelchair.

When Alberto was released from Arkham Asylum, Mario was allowed to return to the states. Mario was responsible for taking care of Alberto, who was placed under house arrest at Vincent Falcone's estate on the outskirts of town, near Wayne Manor. Alberto later claimed that she was hearing the voice of his late father, and was being haunted by Carmine Falcone's ghost. While in the states, Mario attended a gathering of the Falcone family, along with its friends and associates, and the Falcone family crypt, where Carmine was buried. Falcone's body was later stolen from the crypt. Carmine's ring finger was then severed and delivered to Sofia as an old-style message meaning that someone wished to take everything from her, piece by piece. Though no one knew it at the time, the man who stole Carmine Falcone's body was Two-Face who had apparently developed his own obsession with the Falcones and eliminating them.

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Mario promised the people of Gotham that his criminal past was far behind him, and Falcone Imports was known a legitimate company. Mario even began doing business with Bruce Wayne and the Gotham Bank. During a meeting with the Gotham Bank, Mario was attacked by The Joker, acting on the orders of Two-Face. The Joker and his henchmen (disguised as window washers) shot at Falcone and his associates several times. Though no one died (aside from the Joker's men who had been poisoned by their boss), the Joker escaped. Earlier that day, The Joker attempted to eliminate two more of Two-Face's underworld rivals, the Maroni brothers. The Joker would even attack Sofia and Alberto, though the hit was altogether a failure.

Regardless of her condition, Sofia wished to restore the Falcone crime empire to its former glory and accused Mario of being a traitor to his family. In response, Mario told Sofia that the Falcone name could no longer be used for illegitimate activities. Mario even locked Sofia and her bodyguard Mirti out of her penthouse and by court order, Sofia could no longer use the Falcone name and could only refer to herself as Sofia Gigante. To further weaken Sofia's attempts, Mario formed a loose alliance with Janice Porter and began giving her information about Sofia's criminal activities.

It was later revealed that Sofia was in fact the cop-killer known as "Hangman", who would strangle victims (who were often associated with Harvey Dent) to death with nooses. After Porter was killed, possibly by Alberto, Mario realized he had no protection from those who wanted him eliminated. Mario sought after Jim Gordon, Gotham's police commissioner. Mario then realized that Porter was having an affair with Two-Face, and was giving him the information on the Falcone crime family, that Mario gave her. Sofia eventually died at the hands of Harvey Dent, who she had sworn to destroy. While Sofia was being buried, Alberto's body was apparently found. A broken man, and nearly driven to the brink of insanity, Mario set fire to his grandfather's estate. Afterward, Mario was institutionalized in Chicago. After an extended period of absence, Mario resurfaced in Gotham as the new head of the Falcone crime family. He fights a gang war against the Riddler and Two-Face.

Elsewhere in Gotham, Mario comes across Two Face's old hideout and finds Diamond Jack, one of his associates, shot and dying. He asks where Two Face is, then finds out what this is all about, Gilda. At a construction site, Mario Falcone and Gilda are waiting supposedly to sell off the Jade Compass Society's secrets, but Mario is on edge, as he should be, because soon they are under siege by Two Face's men.

Mario tries to escape with Gilda, threatening to kill her for setting him up, but she denies it all. With a gun to Gilda's head, Mario is shot three times in the back by Two Face.


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  • Jeph Loeb has said that he tried to model each member of the Falcone family after a member of the Corleones, from The Godfather. Mario is based on Michael Corleone displaying brutality and reputation as the good son are similar to Michael Corleone.



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