Mario Sen (b. October 28, 1953) is an artist.

Personal History

Mario Vickram Sen was a little Indian boy who was named after a famous Italian tenor. It was a different age, it was another world. His father led their intrepid family unit, "The Singing Sens," in what he called a "chucker round the world." Their loco-motion came ultimately to rest in jolly old London just as that city was dawning from out of a grey and dismal post war conventionality, into a place that "swings like a pendulum do." It was an explosion of color and fashion and style and music where anything, and everything... goes! His father, Hara Sen, inspired by the creativity around him, invented the "Sitar-Guitar," an instrument which combined the sounds of East and West. And young Mario, a growing boy now - who loved to watch that Elvis play the Rockabilly music and shake his hips, who loved to watch that Chubby Checker do the twist, who loved to hear those Beatles twist and shout - embraced this new instrument and his father's concept, "Raga-billy" music, which fused Indian music with Rock'n'Roll. Well, the apple may not fall far from the tree, but the son of a rolling stone gathers no moss and just keeps on rolling... at least until he reaches the apple... the Big Apple that is. That's right, once again, New York City. A place where you can live a thousand lives in a couple of short decades. And Mario did just that. He grew and changed through bands, and jobs, and wives, and even a child. He lived in Queens, in Brooklyn, in Manhattan, in Hoboken. He worked in the fashion industry as a fabric designer. He even became a colorist for DC Comics for a while, and then Marvel, for an even shorter while. But it was music he loved. He played in Rock bands and Fusion bands. There were Jazz bands and Reggae bands, Calypso and High Life and even Bhangra which had followed him all the way from India. In New York City you can find any kind of music... and he did. He even played guitar for a while for one of his old idols, Chubby Checker. But Rock'n'Roll just wasn't enough for him anymore; neither was designing floral patterns for women's dresses. It occurred to him that he needed to focus in order to discover exactly what is was that he was looking for. So he became the High Priest of Prickly Bog - the leader of a new religion called Bongovism - wherein he has created his own way of looking at really, ethics and the Universe.

Professional History

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Work History


  • Mario claims he was contacted by the spirit of the deceased Hiram Blunt and asked to type up the manuscript for Blunt's novel, "The High Priest of Prickly Bog." Apparently the first in a trilogy of novels by the late author. Mario is also the guitarist and vocalist in the band "Inner Gypsy" which he has created with his wife Tiffany. They released their first album, "Gypsychology" in 2007, and are set to release a new album early next year.


  • Hiram Blunt discovered 12 copper plates engraved with an unknown language in an antique store in Hope, New Jersey. When decripted this text formed the basis for the mythology, "How the Great God Bongo Created the World," and also a new religion, Bogovism.

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